September 4, 2015

5 Fresh Ways To Style A Bandana

The lovely Jesse Sage is here to show you how a simple Bandana can spice up your look in 5 different ways! These include: 1) The Headscarf à la Rosie the Riveter; 2) The Headband; 3) The Bracelet; 4) The Backpack Strap; and 5) The Cowboy Neck Scarf.


1) The Headscarf à la Rosie the Riveter

To look like your favorite World War II empowered woman, layout your bandana and fold diagonally just a little short, making as large of a triangle as you can.

Next, tie the bandana around your head and tuck-in the hair that you want to cover. Tuck the little tail back through the top and tie a second knot to secure it. You can use bobby pins if you want to make sure it stays put.

For styles 2-4, begin like this:

Layout your bandana and fold it into quarters. Make sure that your tag is on the side that you tuck in. Continue folding until you have the desired thickness. 

2) The Headband

Continue by simply tying it around your head. Make the bunny ears as long or short as you like. You can even tuck them in if you don’t want them to show at all. Bobby pins will help keep it in place, but make sure you cross them in an X shape to lock everything down. 

3) The Bracelet

Continue by wrapping it around your wrist as many times as possible. Tie the knot over the center of the bandana so that it holds it all together. The knot can be placed on the inside or the outside of your wrist, depending on how fashionable you are. Layering it with other, thinner bracelets will bring you to a whole new level of en vogue!

4) The Backpack

Continue by taking the bandana and tying it around your purse handle or backpack. Simple. To make it look neater, make a loop with the bandana and feed the tails through the strap.

5) The Cowboy Neck Scarf

Lay your bandana flat and fold diagonally making sure the tag faces inward. Fold just a little short. Then, tie it around your neck, cowboy-style! You can adjust it to be shorter for a reserved look, or make it longer to express a more bank-robbery-ready style!

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