Wouldn’t it be awesome to one day get in a car and be able to fly it? That would solve so many problems. Think about how a flying car would change everything.

Imagine being caught on the highway when there’s a crash. Getting the crashed cars off the highway can take at least an hour. By then, traffic is backed up and you’re not going anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just fly out of there?

Larry Page backs a Silicon Valley company they call Kitty Hawk. Recently, he tested a prototype of a flying car and the future just might be getting here faster than you think. Pretty soon, everyone will be flying everywhere.

We’ve Been Dreaming About It Forever

It’s not just a Back to the Future thing. But, we have been dreaming about flying cars since before we had cars that we could drive. That’s the power of the imagination. A guy named Leonardo da Vinci came up with a few ideas. Things that flew were at the top of his list.

But, What Would It Look Like?

That’s the thing no one has been able to agree on every time someone dreams one up. A red corvette would definitely be an awesome flying car to have. Fly around with the Prince song jamming and you’ve got the makings of a really good time.

It Would Most Likely Look Like This

The fact about it is that when it comes to getting real, it probably won’t look like any car we know of yet. We might even need a special kind of license instead of just a driver’s license. What if it’s like a drone and you don’t need a special license if you don’t go very high? If that’s the plan, we’re in store for some good times.

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