August 4, 2015

Best Moments of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, the second-longest-running Comedy Central series, will bid us a final farewell and “moment of zen” on Thursday, August 6, 2015. Jon is arguably one of the most influential political comedians in our recent history; connecting with a politically diverse and younger generation using his hilarious and outlandish expositions on economic, environmental, political and social occurrences in the U.S. and abroad. Every Monday through Thursday, Jon brings people to tears of laughter while poignantly revealing the injustices and hypocrisies which exist all around us.

Stewart offered us new ways to view election coverages, politicians and, of course, his longtime nemesis, Fox News. He has shown the media it is indeed possible to entertain as well as inform and educate. He’s cultivated new voices with his hysterically incisive team of field reporters and has given the world Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Samantha Bee, Kristen Schaal, John Oliver, Olivia Munn, Larry Wilmore, and the new host of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert. His accomplishments are many, and to say thank you and goodbye for all his hard work, we’ve collected some of his best moments over his 16 years as host. Let’s hope his successor, Trevor Noah, brings as much life to TDS when he takes the reins on September 28, 2015.

1. Jon’s takedown of Jim Cramer.


2. Jon bids farewell to Glenn Beck.


3. Indecision 2000


4. Gitmo


5. 9/11

6. Democalypse 2016


7. Jon’s feud with Bill O’Reilly


8. BP Oil debacle


9. Caitlyn Jenner womanizing


10. “F*** You” to Fox News hypocrisy


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