November 17, 2016

Celebrities And Their Unrelated Celebrity Twins

Amanda Peet And Lake Bell


When you were watching Man Up, did you think that was Amanda Peet? It’s easy to get them confused. They are dead ringers.

Amy Smart And Brittany Snow

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Source 1   Source 2

From The Butterfly Effect to Shameless, Amy has been doing her thing while Brittany has been doing the same in Pitch Perfect and American Dreams. Did you ever scratch your head and wonder? It has struck me a few times if they might be the same person.

Cindy Crawford And Princess Letizia

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Source 1   Source 2

The princess of the runway and the princess of Spain, they could have easily been separated at birth. It’s not hard to consider Cindy royalty. She could definitely rock a tiara.

Emilia Clarke And Miranda Kerr


When the Game of Thrones star goes naturally brunette, she looks just like the Australian Victoria Secret’s Angel. They are not the same person. Listen to their accents.

Emilia Clarke And Rosie Mac


Daenerys Targaryen of the hit show Game of Thrones is actually made up of the star Emilia and Rosie, her body double. But, they scoured the earth for her celebrity twin. It’s uncanny how much they look alike.

‘Full House’ Cast


The entire cast of the show was found for a spot on Lifetime. Even the original cast members thought it was creepy when they saw who would be playing them. It is a bit creepy right?

Georgia Jagger And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Georgia’s father is Mick Jagger and that’s what put her in the public eye. Then, we saw the uncanny resemblance to the actress Rosie. They could easily be the same person.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Julie Bowen


Through the eyes and in that smile, Gwyneth and Julie are true doppelgangers. If they hadn’t actually been seen together, we might be disillusioned to think they are the same person. But, things just have a way of working themselves out.

Javier Bardem And Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Of course, they’re not the same guy. Javier is the guy from Biutiful and Jeffrey is Negan in The Walking Dead right? It’s not the same guy. It can’t be.

Jeff Gordon And Brad Paisley


A country singer and a NASCAR driver, they probably should look alike. They even noticed the similarity themselves and did a little skit on 2010 CMA Awards. That’s Carrie Underwood up there with them. She’s a one of a kind.

Pamela Anderson Channels And Jessica Simpson


The Baywatch knockout who married rocker Kid Rock and was in a leaked video with Tommy Lee has a twin in Hollywood too. Jessica Simpson started out as a singer. But then, she became an actress and got into a fashion design. Forget the fact that she doesn’t know anything about tuna. Pam and her are dead ringers.

Jewel And Miranda Lambert


They are both singers. They come from small towns and they like riding horses. But, they aren’t the same person. That would just be cruel.

Joe Biden And Prince Charles


Just like Prince Charles will never see the throne, Joe Biden will never be the President of the United States. So, They have that going for them. That is other than the fact that they look a lot alike.

Kaley Cuoco And Britney Spears


Of course, Kaley was doing an impression of Britney. But, she nailed it. You can’t nail that look unless you have it in you. Kaley definitely has it in her.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Brady Ellison


Leo can have a lot of looks. But Brady, the USA Olympic Team Archer isn’t an impression. They actually look alike. It’s amazing.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Jack Nicholson


This is more like a channeling than being celebrity twins. They both are great actors and they both have a wild side. It can’t be a reincarnation thing since Jack is still alive. But, it comes close.

Liza Minnelli And Kris Jenner


Liza might not appreciate the comparison. After all, she’s the daughter of a legend and has risen to legendary status in her own right. But, why is it so bad to be compared to a reality star?

Michael Cera And Laura Carmichael


From Arrested Development to This Is the End, Michael has been in the spotlight. But, it’s uncanny how much he looks like the actress from Downton Abbey. Wonder if he appreciates that comparison?

Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber


With the many looks of Miley, it was bound to happen that she would channel a boy. Rumors were flying that her and Justin were the same person. It looks like they could pull off celebrity twins.

Minka Kelly And Erin Hayes


The Guys with Kids star and the Friday Night Lights do appear to be the same person. But, they are not. Even though Mika and Erin are both in their 30s, they are in fact two different people.

Olivia Munn And Aubrey Plaza


Of course, the hotness is undeniable. But, the actress from The Newsroom and the actress from Parks and Recreation have a similarity that can’t be overlooked. They could definitely stand in for each other.

Rachel Dratch And Justice Elena Kagan


Justice Elena Kagan sits on the Supreme Court, but she looks like she could do an episode of SNL. One day, you might just see Rachel sitting in the Justice’s seat. Wouldn’t that switch be a hoot?

Rick Springfield And Kevin Sorbo


You have to reach back in your Wayback Machine to find the musician known as Rick Springfield. But, look at that resemblance with Kevin. It’s channeling from the past at its best.

Scarlett Johansson And Miley Cyrus


Of course, Miley has many different looks and Scarlett just rocks a few hot ones. But, Miley pulls off a good Scarlett every once in a while. That is in hair and fashion. There are a few differences that are easily noticeable if they are side by side.

Seth MacFarlane And Christopher Knight


The Family Guy guy channeled the young Brady Bunch actor. Seth could probably sound just like Christopher Knight too. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Taylor Swift And Stevie Nicks


If you are a pop star and you want to do some channeling, Stevie Nicks is the one to channel. Taylor Swift may not have done it intentionally. She’s a star all her own. But, look at that similarity.

Will Ferrell And Chad Smith


Will Ferrell is all over the place. He can do a lot of things with his dynamic sense of humor. But, have you ever wondered if it was actually Chad Smith, drummer for Red Hot Chilli Peppers? It could have been.

Zach Galifianakis And Zac Brown


Zac can be funny at times. But, he’s not Zach funny. Not many people are on Zach’s level of funny. It’s undeniable that they look alike though.

Alexa Ray Joel And Eva Amurri


The daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel has a doppelganger in the daughter of Susan Sarandon and director Franco Amurri. What a world when being the children of stars makes them a star. But, that’s the world of celebrity and their celebrity twins.

Amanda Bynes And Cousin Itt


When she appeared to be losing her mind, she would have fit right in with the Addams Family. This is why being a celebrity is tough. One bad hair day and you’re the twin of a freak.

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