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December 9, 2016

Check Out Michelle Steilen Also Known As Estro In the Roller Derby World

Michelle Steilen could be a model. In fact, some people Google her just for the pictures. The thing is though, she’s a professional skater and founder of Moxi roller skates, a brand that has taken on the X Games’ 62-foot-tall “mega ramp” and lived to tell about it.

Actually, Michelle Steilen was a cheerleader at Temple University if that says anything about how beautiful she is. But, she’s also got the brains to be a rocket scientist. She majored in cognitive neuroscience and English. That’s called the complete package.

After graduating college, she headed straight for L.A. where she joined the L.A. Derby Dolls and then co-founded Angel City Derby Girls where they called her “Estro Jen.” I’m sure you can figure out why by now. She can do some hardcore skating, but her Moxi brand of skates taps a market that had never been touched before. Skates that are strong enough to handle the competitive game, but on the pretty side to give women something they can enjoy wearing.

On Long Beach, you can find her in her infamous leopard-print ice cream truck where she rents out her brand roller skates for private parties. She also has a skate team made up of mostly female skaters who come from places all over the world.

Awesome To Watch

If you like watching hot women skate, that’s what you’re about to see. But, she’s no ordinary hot woman. You are about to see some moves. She has tricks that aren’t easy to nail.

She’s Got Some Moves

That’s just one move. She goes up and down the boardwalk, all around the skate park, up and down stairs, and all over everything in what seems like one endless move. She just doesn’t own skates, she owns skating.

Enjoy Estro Jen

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