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December 9, 2016

Cool Party Trick: Amaze Your Friends With A Skinned Watermelon

For a cool party trick, sometimes the best guy to go with is a chef or someone who knows what they’re doing in the kitchen. Learning magic tricks can get you some attention. But, you might be doing them all night once people learn you know a few.

You can also be the guy who knows all the drinking games or has the most jokes. Those are all pretty popular people at parties. But, the party trick that gets most people is the one you do with food. People get hungry. They want to eat. You’re their guy if you bring the food.

But, why make it boring. You can learn a few things with a knife and put your food presentation on fleek. Look at me using cool words and stuff. Anyway, you can really get people’s attention if you know your way around a kitchen.

This watermelon party trick is actually pretty cool. But, it’s not what it seems. You think it’s like the trick of peeling an egg or the easiest way to peel a potato. But, it’s not. It’s actually a party TRICK. But, you don’t need to know magic. It’s just a little extra work involved.

Skinning A Watermelon

This isn’t anything I’ve ever seen. We normally just cut the thing and start eating. But, this guy wanted to do something new to it and if you recall, he was the guy that gave you the Watermelon Smoothie hack. He likes watermelon I guess.

Cool Party Trick

Once you’ve shown it off to everybody, you have nothing better to do with it then eat it. Also, you can have a food fight with it. You can wear the ends as a hat and go to war with watermelon bits because after all, it’s a party.

Let The Watermelon Skinning Begin

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