August 30, 2016

Creepiest Sights Train Conductors Have Seen Riding The Rails

Ghost Walks Away

ghost walks away
A truck had gotten in the way of an engine and lost, causing a derailment. On the way to the derailment, one engineer met a man in passing. He didn’t think anything of it until he got to the derailment and saw the deceased in the truck. He could have sworn it was the same guy and he had just seen his ghost.

Big Horn Sheep

big horn sheep
This particular sheep must have been tired of these big things running through his yard. So, he decided to take it on. The conductor reports that the Big Horn Sheep literally charged the speeding train. The thing about it is, he walked away unscathed by the collision. It didn’t hurt the train at all either.

A Hobo In A Car

a hobo in a car
It’s not strange seeing hobos in the cars. But, this particular guy had a bad case of luck. The car he chose to ride in was marked to get filled with grain. They found the hobo suffocated on the bottom.

Lady On The Tracks

lady on the tracks
The freight conductor and the brakeman both witnessed a heavy set lady in her 40s jump in front of their train. When they went back to see who they had hit, they found a Latina woman in her 20s mostly in one piece. They both thought that they could have possibly hit two women. But only the one was found, which made them think she could have been possessed.

A Dead Deer

a dead deer
What is so strange about a dead deer? Nothing much. Not until you hear that a man in camo came running out of the woods to butcher it along the tracks. You have to admit, that’s not something you see every day.

A Dog’s Head

a dogs head
In one of our more disgusting examples, this conductor saw a dog’s head on top of a crucifix right by the side of the tracks. There were flowers spread around the crucifix and a candle was at the base of it. Stay away from that area. They practice some weird stuff.

Junkie On The Track

junkie on the track
Of course, this is another one that really isn’t all that uncommon. That is until you hear that he was doing things to himself. You know, the kinds of things that only a person can do to themselves. He was paying so much attention to the task at hand, he almost got hit.

What Is A Foamer?

what is a foamer
It is confirmed that there are people in this world who go to the train tracks and enjoy watching the trains pass. Foamers love it so much that they get off to it. Yes, as in they touch themselves and summon the demons.

Trailer Park Fun

trailer park fun
Some guys from the trailer park thought they were going to have fun. So, they covered the tracks with landscaping stones and tie plates. Then, they stood on the side of the tracks to watch as the train came through. But, it was all to their surprise when the train literally crushed the stones and ties sending shrapnel all over the trailer park boys.

Train Covered In Red

train covered in red
One particular train came in covered in red and it almost made one worker gag who was responsible for cleaning it. When he asked the foreman what it was, the man told him some kid had jumped in front of the train.

But, that wasn’t it. He was just joking. After closer inspection, they found out the train had crushed through a fiberglass trailer full of tomatoes.

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