August 4, 2015

Dear Sir Patrick Stewart – You’re the Tweetest Man in the World!

Sir Patrick Stewart is the talented British actor whom we all loved as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Professor X in the X-Men film series, Avery Bullock in American Dad!, and a multitude of characters on shows on Broadway and the West End.

You may not have known much about this great actor, but thanks to Twitter, we’ve seen more of the real Patrick Stewart than ever before. From his tweets, we’ve discovered @SirPatStew is the sweetest old man (75 years old) around. He’s imaginative and playful with his posts, he knows how to take a joke, he supports those closest to him, and takes up causes for the good of society. Below are a few of our favorites from his Twitter: @SirPatStew.

Promoting his new series.


Giving us full-on “no makeup” (with earrings!)


A cupcake celebration for his predecessor.

Taylor Swift accepts Stewart and Ian McKellen into her squad.


Feeling trapped by corporations and the NSA.


Epic throwbacks.

He’s done here.


A love for space beyond the Enterprise.


Being patriotic.

Getting a bit drunk.


Hanging with drag DJ Lady Bunny.


Claymation sensation!

His nod to Star Wars.


Making fun of his age.


Drinking before his show.

Showing us what real superheroes can do.


Bath lobster!


Celebrating the ‘stache.

His epic bromance with Ian McKellen


Poking fun.


Stealing the show.

Giving him love.


BFF for life.


His way of supporting his wife.

Their happy marriage.

Detonating Today