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November 17, 2016

DIY Projects You Won’t Believe People Made Work

Awesome Tripod

awesome tripod

Because when you want to become a photographer, you have to find a way. The best way to do that is to figure out if you’re any good or not at first. You know, before you pay a whole lot of money just to find out it’s not for you.

How Does That Work?

how does that work

Does it? The instructions were in the box. Just read them. For once, read the instructions.

Max A/C

max ac

No one will get hot in that car. But, can he drive the car? It might be hard to get around with all that blocked view going on there.

Does It Work Though?

does it work though

That’s the thing. I don’t see it working. The water has to heat up first. But, go ahead. Enjoy your DIY water heater thingy.

Good Computer Fan Dude

good computer fan dude

It should keep things cool in there. An old computer with 500mb and probably small GHZ to keep it running. Downloads images in 5 minutes. Yeah, keep it alive.

Cat Needs To Figure Out What’s Up

cat needs to figure out whats up

It’s like buying kids toys and they’d rather play in the box. The cat house is right beside this guy. But, he’d rather play around in the bag.

Most Effective Defrost Ever

most effective defrost in the world

That should handle the situation in about 0.16 seconds. I mean, it has all the power in the world it needs. Just put on glasses for the blow back. That should work.

Nice Lamp Shade Dude

nice lamp shade dude

Of course, going to the Dollar Store might be a little too much money. Making the wife figure out where the Cheese Grater is and then getting mad at you for what you did with it, that’s always a fun time. Can a lamp shade grate cheese? Tell her to give that a try.

Nice Scooter For The Kid

nice scooter for the kid

Was he heartbroken when he woke up Christmas morning to find it under the Christmas Tree? I’m telling you, this beast will work. Just take it easy around the corners.

No Worries, I Got This!

no worries i got this

Hope the suspension holds. These trucks can haul almost anything. So, why use a delivery truck? That is a huge load by the way. Who let him leave with it like that?

That Doesn’t Look Right

that doesnt look right

Go with a size that fits the wheels. That normally works better than a size that fits the tires. Of course, you can always use it as a gauge that lets you know when the tires get low.

Okay, Let’s Do This!

okay lets do this

I’d ride. Nothing like sand in your face as you whip down the beach. But, whoever this is made a good business decision. Just might be making a butt load from a novelty ride.

One Way To Deal With An Old Monitor

one way to deal with an old monitor

Sometimes, people just throw them out. But, why do that when you can do so much more with them? Don’t worry that it doesn’t look right. It’s a perfectly good place for a tree to live.

Uh Nope!

uh nope

Not sure how long that’s going to work. Don’t know if I would trust it to begin with. But, some people got to do what they got to do.

It Looks Like It Might Work

well it looks like it works

Some people! When the laptop breaks, you still have computer left. Just work with it. This is perfectly legit.

That’s A Mess

thats a mess

Where does it start and where does it begin? Looks like it might have a few missing parts. But, as long as it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing… Let me just leave this right there.

What In The World?

what in the world

If you can’t afford a bra, you might have bigger problems than finding something to cover you. Duct tape is not supposed to fix everything. Have fun taking it off!

Yeah, That’s The Same

yeah thats the same

If you can’t go to Hollywood, bring it to you. Why not? If you have a perfectly good mountain, make it a landmark. Make it the most famous landmark you know.

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