December 8, 2016

Fans Who Went Too Far To Look Like Celebs

Ashley Horn – Lindsay Lohan

ashley horn lindsay lohan

This is the story of the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan. She is the product of Michael Lohan’s brief affair with her mother and looked up to her older sister so much, she wanted to look just like her. She spent $25,000 to make that happen. The thing about plastic surgery is it is not an exact science and people just need to be themselves.

Deborah Davenport – Kate Winslet

deborah davenport kate winslet

She’s actually been told she looks like Cameron Diaz. But she didn’t like that at all. She wanted to be like Kate Winslet and she’s having a hard time dealing with the magic of age, “My nose just seems to get fatter and fatter every year. I look at photos and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what’s happening to me?'”

Crystal – Britney Spears

crystal britney spears

Crystal was a straight-laced girl who came on MTV’s I Want a Famous Face and mentioned that she was trying to look like Britney Spears. The thing that made the audience perk up was when Crystal mentioned looking forward to being a stripper. After spending $25,000 on surgery, she has probably made that back and then some.

Claire Louise Lesson – Kim Kardashian

claire louise lesson kim kardashian

She’s beautiful in her own right, but Claire Louise said she was bullied as a kid and told she was ugly. Spending $30,000 to look like Kim has helped her self-esteem she says, “Firstly I started getting my teeth whitened — which I started doing at 17/18. Then I wanted my boobs enhanced to the same size as Kim’s. I wear pants with a silicone implant inside. I didn’t wear them today as they didn’t go with my dress. They feel fairly real.”

Jordan James Parke – Kim Kardashian

jordan james parke kim kardashian

Throwing $150,000 down on all his surgery, he started out wanting to look like his favorite celebrity Kim Kardashian. But, then he thought having Kylie Jenner’s chin would be a great addition for what he calls the long lost sibling, “No, it’s the whole family now, but mainly Kim. But I love them all, their looks, the way they dress, they’re just an inspiration.”

Karen And Jennifer Lopez – Jennifer Lopez

karen and jennifer lopez
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When you have a name like Jennifer Lopez, you have no choice but to spend $10,000 on surgery to look just like her. Also, you have to get your sister to do it too. They started surgery back when they were 14 years old and they still don’t look anything like their favorite celeb.

Kelly Chandler – Jennifer Aniston

kelly chandler jennifer aniston
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Kelly wanted to get back at her ex and the sure fire way to do that was to turn herself into Jennifer Aniston. $26,000 later, she didn’t look exactly like her favorite celebrity. But, she was hot and she showed it off on MTV’s I Want a Famous Face. Her ex most likely caught her episode and dropped his chin.

Mike And Matt Schlepp – Brad Pitt

mike and matt schlepp vs brad pitt

Mike and Matt didn’t seem like they had any chance in the world of looking like Brad Pitt. They spent $29,000 on surgery and they still don’t look anything like him. But, they actually might have a chance in modeling.

Lisa Connell – Demi Moore

lisa connell demi moore

Lisa Connell received some bad news when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her solution, “People think I’m crazy for doing this, but I know it will make my last months or years happier. When I was young I used to watch Demi Moore in films like Ghost and I longed to look like her.” Even though Demi tried to talk her out of it, she did it anyway and all I can say is, “You go girl.”

Mikki Jay – Michael Jackson

mikki jay michael jackson

Mikki Jay makes a whopping $240,000 a year impersonating Michael Jackson. She has spent $16,000 on her surgeries. She has a live show that her U.K. viewers love. But, she got her start at a talent show where the mother of three did a song by Michael Jackson and jump started her career.

Nicholas Ryan – Ryan Gosling

nicholas ryan ryan gosling

An actor trying to make it in Hollywood himself, Nicholas chose the stage name Ryan and went for the Gosling look, “He’s got a look that a lot of people in America are looking for right now, especially in my line of work. I’m hoping I’ll get more auditions and roles if I look more like Ryan Gosling. That’s why I had the surgery.”

Nileen Namita – Nefertiti, The Queen Of The Nile

nileen namita nefertiti the queen of the nile

After $360,000 in surgery, Nileen has shaped herself to look like the ancient queen. She said she came to the conclusion that she was her in a past life, “They were visions of incredible intensity – I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate – and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant.”

Pixee Fox – Jessica Rabbit

pixee fox jessica rabbit

Some girls grow up dreaming they can be like the hot cartoons in their favorite movies. Pixee went all out. She spent $120,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit. Among her surgeries was the removal of ribs to give her waist that unrealistically thin look.

Rodrigo Alves – Ken Doll

rodrigo alves ken doll

Rodrigo is a former flight attendant who has spent $169,000 to look like the infamous doll. But, it hasn’t all been smooth shaving. He actually almost lost his arm when he had them pumped with a type of gel.

Toby Sheldon – Justin Bieber

toby sheldon justin bieber

The sad case of Toby Sheldon who actually thought he looked like Justin Bieber starts with the fact that he spent $100,000 to make it happen. Bieber fans weren’t impressed at all. But, he insisted he would get mistaken for the celeb when the superfan made an appearance on Botched. The story gets worse when his body was found in a Motel 6 with a heavy stash of drugs.

Annette Edwards And Jessica Rabbit

annette edwards and jessica rabbit

Now, that is awesome work. She actually does look like the CARTOON CHARACTER. But, what is it about looking like something that doesn’t exist? Those artists must be proud for drawing something so awesome.

Donna Marie Targo And Lady Gaga

donna marie trego and lady gaga

Here’s another girl that nailed it. But as a Lady Gaga fan, there can only be one. Be happy with your new beauty honey!

Hebert Chavez And Superman

hebert chavez and superman

He tried. He got real close. Maybe a few more dollars will fix it. But then again, maybe just move on with your life.

Justin Jedlica And The Ken Doll

justin jedlica and ken doll

Here’s a guy who just needs to stop. The Ken Doll has blond hair by the way. Last time I checked.

Kitty And Jennifer Lawrence

kitty and jennifer lawrence

Jennifer is a very beautiful woman to want to emulate. But, Kitty just needs to take a good, long look at herself in the mirror. She’s not hard to look at herself.

Octomom And Angelina

octomom and angelina

If Nadya Suleman is trying to be like Angelina, she’s got more kids. But, she’s a beautiful lady and should just be happy with her own notoriety.

Sha And Pamela Anderson

sha and pamela anderson

A young Pamela Anderson. And look at that difference. Now, stop girl! You look great.

Valeria Lukyanova And Barbie

valeria lukyanova and barbie

What is this thing? When they talk about going plastic, this girl went overboard. But, she nailed it! There is no denying that.

Xiaoqing And Jessica Alba

xiaoqing and jessica alba

Thankful for Jessica, she talked Xia out of doing more surgery to look more like her favorite celeb. Why can’t some people just accept how awesome they are to begin with?

Yuh Reum And Miranda Kerr

yuh reum and miranda kerr

This one looks real close. But, it’s not spot on. Maybe Miranda should have a conversation with her about abusing the right to go plastic.

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