It’s a bumper car. That’s right! It’s a bumper car. Not sure there is a need for faster ones. But, we’ve got one now.

You are not going to believe how fast it goes. And they do clock it. In fact, it goes so fast that it breaks a world record. It’s confirmed by Guinness World Records. That makes it official.

But, what does that mean? Can you imagine hitting someone so hard, that they fly out of their seat? That would be awesome. We’d have whiplash all over the place. Pass the meds. Bumper car pros are going to be going hard today.

Then, a guy comes up with an even faster one. We live in a whole new world. Just when you thought your bumper car went fast enough, you find out you were wrong. You need this one.

They Used To Go Super Slow


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After you learn how not to get stuck on the outside or in the center, that’s when you learn that the cars don’t really go all that fast. Then, some punk bumps you from behind. I remember looking back at him and thinking that he was way too old to be playing bumper cars with little kids. As soon as it was over, he ran to the end of the line and did it all over again. Bumper cars was his thing and probably the only life he had.

But, That’s All In The Past Now


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This scene from The Simpsons is possible. The cops would have a hard time catching a bumper car that just hit the side of their car and sped off. It can take corners and hit speeds some cop cars can’t even reach. Yes, it is that fast. This makes absolutely no sense and I can’t wait to ride one.

World’s Fastest Bumper Car