She’s going to be the one who drives it in the dirt. Some people are given a chance at being famous for doing nothing. When Danielle Bregoli was on Dr. Phil, she coined a term that went viral instantly.

She’s known as the “Cash Me Ousside” girl and she was given her 15 minutes of fame. But, she’s going to drag it out as long as she can. I think her problem is that she doesn’t know people are laughing at her.

She literally thinks that all the “Cash Me Ousside” memes are because people think she’s tough. Now, she’s talking tough into her camera every time she getsĀ  a chance and no one’s paying attention. But, neither is she because she doesn’t know that it was only that onetime thing that went viral and drove the Likes crazy. Nothing she’s done has gone viral since. That is until now.

But, let’s review…

She Called The Audience Hoes

cash me ousside

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Dr. Phil asks her because he wanted to make sure he heard her right. Yep, that’s what she said. She called the whole audience hoes. But, her behavior is okay. She steals cars and fights with her mom. Then, she judges the whole audience like she has anything on them. She actually thinks she has the right to judge anyone.

Then, It Gets Worse

cash me ousside

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On National Television, in front of the audience and in front of national viewers, all of Dr. Phil’s fans watched the “cash me ousside” girl try to act tough. She gets up in her mother’s face. She tries to pull it off like she has something to back it up with. But, her behavior is just embarrassing. Embarrassing for her mother. Embarrassing for her if she took the time to stop and think about it.

But, she hasn’t. Because here she is acting tough again. This time she’s on a plane trying to “cash me ousside” all over again. But, you can’t “cash me ousside” on a plane. People have their cellphones out and they are recording. But, this girl’s 15 minutes is slowly starting to fade. At least, we can enjoy her cringeworthy actions until the interest completely dies.

How Do You Cash Me Ousside This?