August 30, 2016

Funny Pics That Will Make You Die Laughing

The Love Shack

The love shack

That’s a serious problem. Look at his face. He’s not playing around. It’s like it ruined his whole life and he’ll never be the same.

What A Great Idea

so that should calm you

Could you go if you walked into a bathroom with this wallpaper behind the urinals? Not sure that would help at all. What would be better is if they are pointing and laughing. That would be the best bathroom ever.

That Just Doesn’t Look Possible

that just doesn't look possible

Is this a new Yoga position? She literally looks like she could completely fold up into a small box so someone could ship her for less than a flight. Does she have any bones at all?

Dogs Can Be Weird

dogs can be weird

They have their own personalities. Dogs can stand and sit up on the couch. They can fall asleep in the weirdest places. I’m just wondering how this dog got up there. That doesn’t look easy.

Did You Notice The Hat?


That is what America needs about now. But, you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t read the hat yet. Go head. I’ll wait.

They Made It Happen

they made it happen

Law enforcement sometimes forgets that little rule. Then when someone reminds them of it, they act like it’s such a small detail. A warrant is a pretty big thing when it comes to police who look more like military knocking on our doors. Having a mat there as a reminder is a great idea.

This Literally Just Happened

this literally just happened

The picture was taken just over a week ago. It circulated the internet almost immediately. So, this is really fast. This guy already has a tattoo of it on his leg. What a fan…atic!

What Level Is He On?

what level is he on

If that’s really the policy, those girls deserve a free drink. I wouldn’t turn them down. But, this guy must have real game. The girls he goes out with must be out of the world awesome gorgeous, and there’s nothing more gorgeous than that. That’s pretty much the top level of gorgeous anyone can get.

When He Smiled For The Camera

when he smiled for the camera

He blew by his competition and didn’t have to look back. There was no way anyone was going to catch up to him. He stopped to tie his shoe. He shook the hand of a girl in the stands. Then, he waited at the finished line for everyone else to show up.

Who Invented This Game?

who invented this game

Guys are always thinking of stuff like this. It helps them get close to beautiful girls and have a valid reason. Drinking shots while the girl holds the cup. Doing shots off her body. It’s all in good fun as long as the girls are laughing too. The most ingenious game though is the one where you make her think it was her idea.

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