August 12, 2016

The Most Cut And Dry Evidence Grocery Workers Just Don’t Care

How Did That Happen?

how did that happen

Someone really dropped the ball on this one. Imagine a mother coming in for diapers and seeing this, “No, that can’t be right. The doctor said it wasn’t good during breast feeding.”

And this is proof positive this guy didn’t care. Setting up a whole section full of beer, you know he saw the sign once or twice. It takes a whole new level of IDGAF to keep going and ignore that particular sign.

How Many Days A Week?

how many days a week

Imagine the scenario. An employee is told to paint the number 6 on the wall. So, he grabs the stencil and the paint. He climbs up the ladder and goes to town. Then, he climbs down the ladder and goes to lunch.

Either that or he admired his work, scratched his head because something just didn’t look right, then he went to lunch. Because, he’s not paid enough to fix problems. They only pay him enough to make them.

Good To Know

good to know

You can never have enough dried crack. Good thing this store carries it. Probably has a line a mile long waiting to get in when they open. But the thing is, what is it really supposed to say?

Fighting Hunger One Cent At A Time

fighting hunger one cent at a time

Don’t break the bank! That’s too much to ask of one store. This is a real show of generosity and they need to be recognized on Facebook for their giving spirit.

And That’s What Elementary School Is For…

and that's what elementary school is for

See, kids play learning games in elementary. They learn what things are alike and what things are different. So the next time you hear a kid say, “What am I going to need this for in the real world?” You can say, “So you can keep yourself from labeling the corn as watermelon when you’re a grocery store worker.”

What Kind Of Pudding?

ass pudding

This one is very confusing. Is it Assistant Pudding? Is it the Association of Pudding? So many questions, so little time.

Yeah, You Might Need Them

back to school

When kids go back to school, a lot of good things are on sale. Blenders! Party supplies! Don’t know why the knives fit in this group. But, grab a few. You never know what you’re going to need.

Seriously, This Is What Elementary School Is For!

cearl as in cereal

Look at the S scratched out. This guy struggled with this sign for a while. The sad thing is that the word he was trying to spell is on any one of those boxes. That’s how much he DGAF!

And That’s The Problem Right There

and that's the problem right there

Isn’t that always the case? Just as soon as you go on a diet, someone is calling you about the lasagna dinner they’re going to have tomorrow night or how everyone is going out to celebrate someone’s promotion. It never fails. Here’s a sign clearly saying, “We don’t care about your diet. We want to sell you cake!”

Lamest Beer Aisle Ever

lamest beer aisle ever

Not speaking for everyone, but most people want beer with alcohol still in it. Why would anyone drink about six of these and put themselves through making a bathroom run every 30 minutes? It’s just not the way nature intended.

Perfect Placement

perfect placement

Actually, this would almost be the most ingenious thing ever if it weren’t for one thing. People with the munchies aren’t looking to MAKE brownies. They want brownies that are already made.

Hmmm…Is It That Kind Of Picnic?

picnic supplies

You never know what you’re going to need on a picnic. Maybe this guy was just thinking ahead and trying to be helpful. Leave him alone. He’s a grocery store worker.

Probably Better For Lemonade

probably better for lemonade

You know what? You should probably use oranges if you’re going to make orange juice. The sad thing is that they are probably just across the aisle. It pays to pay attention.

Probably The Best Place To Put It

probably the best place to put it

Okay, it really does look out of place. But imagine someone at risk spotting the cakes and getting tempted. That sign is a good reminder. Of all the lame ideas, this one just might work Batman.

Who Eats That?

who eats that

It’s probably better than getting an actual cat. Read the label though. If it’s full of words you can’t pronounce, it’s not a healthy choice for a pet.

What Does That Even Mean?

when night falls, the fun begins

For some reason, bananas in the fresh grocery aisle just doesn’t seem to say fun after dark. But, to each their own. After all, bananas are good for your heart and help regulate your bowels. Go party!

Is That Right?

wieners for kids

What happens when a mother can’t find the wieners that are just for kids? Guess they’ll just have to deal with Lunchables and PB&J. It’s just a shame kids can’t have regular wieners like everyone else.



This is just like that guy who doesn’t like you. He has what you want. You can see it right behind him. He’s still telling you he doesn’t have it. Come on! The pretzels are right there! Give ’em up!

They Might Just Come In Handy

they might come in handy

You never know when you’re going to need an STD bar. And they’re half off. Grab a handful of them.

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