July 26, 2016

Guilty Dogs In Need Of Punishment

Yeah, About The Armchair…


So, there’s some good news, and some bad news. The bad news is that your armchair doesn’t look anything like it did just a few hours ago. The good news is that… wait, there is no good news. It’s just bad news. You need a new armchair.

You Little Traitor


He usually looks so cute, but whenever there’s trouble, guess who he points to? That’s right, his best friend! This little traitor has no sense of loyalty, and who are his parents going to believe anyway? Him, or the dog? You guessed it… for this dog, it’s a lose-lose situation!

How Could You Even Think It Was Me?


The nerve of some owners! Blaming the poop on the carpet ON THE DOG! How could they? It’s not as if there isn’t a toddler in the house. The kid could just as well have done it! Oh, what’s that? There’s no toddler in the house? Nevermind. Bad dog!

Tool Master


Did you know that was daddy’s favorite tool? How’s he going to put that Ikea cabinet together, now? Just WAIT until he gets home! We sure hope this dog liked the taste of those pliers, because he won’t like the taste of the punishment he’s about to receive.

Now, He’s Toast!


This has got to be the funniest picture in this article. We’re not sure how this dog managed to get that piece of sliced bread stuck on his face… or how he’s even STUCK! It’s a piece of white bread! The only thing softer than that will probably be his master’s resolve when punishing this dog for his wrongdoing… since this is the funniest thing he must have seen in a while!

I Didn’t Do Nothing


There’s “guilty,” and then there’s being caught “red handed,” or, as in this case, “green-garbage-can-lid-on-your-head-ed.” There’s no getting away with the crime this time, doggy! And what are you doing eating out of the garbage can, anyway? What are you, a dog? Oh, wait… Nevermind.

No More Pillows For You


We have to admit, this dog looks more happy to have destroyed that pillow than he looks sorry. That’s quite the smile he’s got on his face! We’ll forgive him, though, mostly because he’s cute and because that was not our pillow.

I Plead The Fifth


This dog is going to keep his mouth closed, because no matter what he says, the evidence is stacked against him. The reason for that is because he’s guilty, but that’s besides the point! Pleading the fifth is the only viable option in this case.

Opening Someone’s Mail Is A Federal Offense?


This dog had no idea that opening someone’s mail was a Federal offense! We hope the feds don’t come looking for him, because he probably still doesn’t understand and will fight back to defend himself. And besides, he looks so sorry!

Okay, which one of you did it?


Both of these guys look pretty guilty, but is it possible to figure out which one really did the deed? Easy, they both did! If one of these dogs was innocent, he wouldn’t even realize what’s going on and would be looking at the other dog in confusion, wondering why he’s so nervous!

By “Clean Up” Do You Mean “Eat?”


“When you said to clean up this place, I thought you meant to eat this cushion.” Makes sense… if you’re a dog. You’d think with the amazing hearing dogs have, they’d pay attention a little better to some simple commands. They do, if it suits them.

Puppies have a certain power over us because of their extreme cuteness. Cats can be cute, too, but they’re too independent for us to really be fooled by their shenanigans, which we know they do on purpose. Just look at this puppy who’s so sad and apologizing for doing something wrong… we won’t even know what he did, but we believe he’s genuinely sorry.

Guilty Duo


We have a feeling the ONLY thing these two have done correctly on that day is “stick by your friends.” Unfortunately, it seems as if they’ve both been bad and both know they’re in need of some disciplining! Be good next time and this won’t have to happen again!

What Magazine?


So much for THAT subscription. Hopefully, the next issue comes soon. Whatever magazine that was, this dog was NOT a fan. Personally, we think he should have written a letter to the editors explaining his distaste for their publication, instead of tasting the magazine and shredding it to pieces. That way, he could have avoided the can of trouble he just opened.

Well, You’re Home Early


Don’t you hate it when you’re home having a lot of fun and your master comes back earlier than expected? The LEAST he could do is give you a courtesy call to warn you that you need to clean up quickly. Of course, you could have avoided making that mess in the first place, but it’s too late now anyway.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I Know


Sometimes, when something like this happens, you don’t even need to remind the dog that he’s done something wrong… he already knows it and is willingly admitting to his wrongdoing. This dog seems to be saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I did something bad.”

You Were Growing That Plant?


How could this dog have possibly known that you were growing that plant? Just because it was in the house? That’s like saying, “you weren’t supposed to eat that dog food that was in the house, because I was saving it for you [for later].” On a side note, it’s a good thing that wasn’t a cactus.

I See It, Too… We Need To Find Out Who Did This!


If dogs know when they’ve done something wrong, how come they do it in the first place? Because it’s fun, that’s why! Dogs love to live in the moment, and in that moment, their mind is telling them, “EAT THAT PACKAGE!”

You Said You Hated This Couch


“I swear, right before you left, you said, ‘Man! I hate this couch… I wish my dog would just eat it!’… No, really, I heard you say that! Would these eyes lie?” — Famous Last Dog Words.

Will This Face Get Me Off The Hook?


Usually, German Shepherds can be quite imposing, even if they’re a friendly dog. This one, on the other hand, looks like he knows exactly what he’s done… and it wasn’t something he was supposed to do!

It Looked Like This When You Left


Dogs don’t lie, and if they say that “it looked like this when you left,” we’re apt to believe them. And don’t try to blame them for the mess you left behind, either… that’s not very nice! Next time, maybe you’ll put some time aside to tidy up your house so that you can come back to a neater home.

Pillows Are Bad For Your Neck


Leave it to this dog to make sure that his master is getting a good night’s rest. Those pillows can be SO BAD for your neck. It’s a good thing the dog knew of the spinal damage that sleeping on such a pillow can cause… Let’s just hope that his master agrees.



Oh, this has got to be one of the cutest dog pictures ever. This lab is so ashamed of himself, it’s adorable. Which is going to make it so much harder for the owner to punish this bad boy for what he’s done. Don’t give in, man. We know the dog is cute, but you gotta show him who’s boss, or else it’s all over!

I Am So Sorry


Okay, this is so cute it’s almost sickening… if it wasn’t so cute! How could ANYONE resist this sad face? It’s almost like this dog has a super power that allows him to get out of any trouble he gets into. He’s like a super hero dog… or would that be a super villain dog? Probably a super villain.

Guilty Brown Puppy


Those puppy eyes will melt the heart of the most heartless person on Earth… which is lucky for that puppy because he looks like he KNOWS he’s in trouble! But really, how could you blame a puppy that cute for anything? Besides, he’s just a puppy, it’d be like blaming a 2 year-old toddler for spilling his cup of milk.

Guilty, Your Honor


This is the guiltiest dog in the world. The fear in his eyes speaks volumes of his wrongdoing and he knows the punishment will be severe. He’s hoping to ward off some of that punishment with that look, but we’re not sure he’s doing himself any favors!

Criminal Pug


This pug had no idea he’d wake up today and become a criminal, but that’s exactly what happened. You can tell from his eyes that he’s cute, and that he did something very bad. We wonder, was he forced to take a “pug shot” for his bad deed?

Cutest Guilty Puppy Ever

Now, if this isn’t the cutest (and guiltiest) little pup we’ve ever seen, then we’ve never seen a cute puppy before! Whatever this little critter did must have been pretty bad to make him give his owner THOSE eyes!

Guilty Pup


Now, if this isn’t the cutest (and guiltiest) little pup we’ve ever seen, then we’ve never seen a cute puppy before! Whatever this little critter did must have been pretty bad to make him give his owner THOSE eyes!

I’m Innocent!


There is no chance that this dog is guilty. Being guilty takes away from your cuteness and can’t be hidden with cute puppy eyes. This dog is so cute, it’s proof enough for us that he’s innocent. If you don’t like it, you can take it to court!

Brown Criminal Puppy


Does this look like the face of a criminal? Of course, it doesn’t, but it is! This little puppy has broken the master/pet law of causing trouble, and now he’s going to have to be punished. Poor little guy does make a good defense with those eyes, though. We’re going to have to let the jury decide on this one.

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