August 30, 2016

Hilarious Scientist Mistakes They Call Field Work Fails

That’s Just Perfect

that's just perfect

Because cutting the fingers off of latex gloves makes all the sense in the world. These are not the kinds of gloves that keep a person warm. These keep people from touching stuff, like disgusting stuff. Point in case, the guy had to pick up poop. Can’t anyone leave him a decent pair of gloves?

Expensive Mistake

expensive mistake

At a thousand dollars a pop, that should be a once in a lifetime mistake. But, here’s the question. Why didn’t he know? Couldn’t he see it? Wouldn’t that be something you would check for first or nah?

Zebra Feels No Pain

zebra feels no pain

Remember that girl who got drunk at the party and someone had to pick her up? She was heavy because of all that dead weight. Imagine that times a hundred. This zebra isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That is unless they have a crane or something. Out there? It’s a good possibility they don’t

The Plight Of Mr. Flappy

the plight of mr flappy

But, did he have a good life though? That’s all that matters. Sorry about the students. They needed to learn about the circle of life sometime. This was in real time.

That’s A Sticky Situation

that's a sticky situation

Got to love the puns when it comes to stuff like this. But seriously though, this would be a pretty bad situation. Getting stuck to a crocodile has no way of ending well.

That’s A Long Chase

that's a long chase

For 3 weeks? Could that be a typo? How did that work? They ran all day and then she stopped at night, went in her tent, and turned off the light. The Jaguar waited patiently outside licking his paws and looking around. Then when the sun came up, she darted out of the tent and the race started all over again? I can see it happening that way.

Keep Up On That Spanish

get up on that spanish

If you don’t know Spanish, do not try to speak it to police officers, airport security, or hotel clerks. If you don’t know what you’re saying, how do you know that when you tried to say “Have a nice day,” you didn’t say “You’re ugly and your momma dresses you funny?” It’s probably best to just point, nod, do charades, and use a translator whenever possible.

Good News For Bug Lovers

good news for bug lovers

Most bug lovers have to get dirty and crawl around looking for the little insects they love. But when the bugs are clambering all over, that’s a dream come true. It makes everyone else buggy. But, bug lovers are in their glory.

Got To Love That Pheromone Solution

got to love that pheromone solution

It’s actually not the worst case scenario. Mixing chemicals can create explosives or acids that eat stuff. At least, she’s just stuck with beetles climbing all over her. Could be worse!

Nothing Is Discreet In Central Park

nothing is discreet in central park

One question though, does a cop have to shove his gun in everyone’s face just because there is something that looks suspicious? Imagine a guy on his hands and knees with a small knife cutting open a rodent. Is that really cause for a gun in the face?

Lick Fossil, Not Good

lick fossil, not good

This is like a scene out of a sitcom. It’s a dusty room. A snooper is trying to be quiet. But, the dust is about to make him sneeze. Perfect setup for a comical situation.

In this scene though, she swallows the fossil. That would have to suck. You have to wait until it comes out the other end to resume your inspection of the piece. That could take a while.

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