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August 12, 2016

Hilarious Tweets That Came Completely Out Of Nowhere


Some people use Twitter and Facebook to bring their drama to the viewing public for all the trolls to see. Some people use their social media to push a cause or fight over politics. Don’t you wish that sometimes you could get a break from all the crap people think everyone is just dying to know?

In the Twitterverse, there are plenty of people who have a sense of humor and they actually use it. They tweet hilarious posts that make all the drama go away for a moment. You’ll forget all about the troll who corrected your spelling and the annoying perv sliding in your DMs. Try to get through these hilarious tweets without at least one for real LOL!

There Is No Other Explanation

tumps mother

They must have the same barber and he styles his hair to honor her. It’s very possible that there is nothing else like it on the face of the earth.

They Must Be So Proud

toilet engaged

But, who knows how long it will last? When relationships start off in the toilet, they have nowhere else to go.

When You’ve Had One Of Those Weekends


Have you ever been there? You get caught between wondering if you’re stuck in a dream or if you are really awake. This guy might need therapy even though the llama is very real.

An A For Following Directions

uber at a baseball field

Hey, that’s what the driver was told and that’s what happened! Sometimes, common sense is just so overrated.

And Then This Happened

second coming in an uber

What a way to find out! Didn’t have time to put his shoes on or say goodbye. But then again, he just may be seeing everyone he knows real soon.

Whoa! This Is Deep!


This should be in a speech somewhere. It makes the perfect amount of sense to anyone who chooses to look at their spuds a little differently from now on.

This Is Just Plain Sad

lonely high school kid

Too bad there isn’t a Part II. He hooked up with a great friend and they went off to start a multi-million dollar internet business together, hiring many of the kids who ignored them all through high school.

The Dog Needs A Therapist

dog with flashbacks

Who knows? The dog could have been through the suck and no one knew. He was chasing his tail one day and in came a tennis ball from out of nowhere. Once in a while, he can still hear the screams…

Canada Is Like This Whole Different Place

in canada

The officer obviously lost a nut buddy. They would sit on the park bench every week and enjoy their nuts. Things will never be the same.

When You Answer Yourself

drunk steve

You think you have the perfect plan and then drunk you comes along. He’s out to get you and he tries to let you know. You just don’t pay attention when he’s acting out like this.

Great Shot

cat falling

Sometimes, the camera catches the perfect moment. This one, is not so hot for the cat. But, it does prove that cats aren’t always that cool.

That’s One Way To Keep A Cat Busy


It’s like their cocaine. They need their catnip. It drives them nuts like bacon for humans.

Coolest Dog Ever

cool dog

Dogs have personality. They will get the attention they want when they want because they don’t give up. You’ll never see a cat doing this.

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!


Just get ready for it. When they drop the ball on New Years, start from 11. No big deal. You can handle it.

Yeah, What Is That About?


Sometimes, it’s better not to know. One day, the M&Ms are innocent little candies coloring outside the lines in their little coloring books. The next day, they’re hiding condoms in the sock drawer and liquor under the bed. Do you really want know?

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