September 22, 2016

Horrifying Things Found Growing Inside People

Fir In Chest

fir in chest

Artyom Sidorkin had extreme pain in his chest. When he went to get it checked out, doctors found a 2 inch fir growing in his lung. They figured that he had breathed in and swallowed a small seed one day while he was in the Army. When your mother tells you not to swallow watermelon seeds, might want to listen to her.

Katie Melua’s Spider

katie melua with spider in her ear

Katie Melua is a popular Georgian-British singer who one day started experiencing noises and weird feelings in her ear. She went to the doctor’s and they found a jumping spider in there. The doctor removed it with a suction device, but Melua kept the spider alive by letting it go free in her garden.

Naegleria Fowleri

naegleria fowleri

They call it the “brain-eating amoeba” and it can be found in ponds, lakes, rivers, and hot springs. When you go swimming, you can get one up your nose. It finds its way to your brain and starts eating away. The fatality rate is 95%.

Hendrik Helmer’s Roach

hendrik helmer roach in ear

Hendrik had pain in his ear that he just couldn’t bear any longer. He actually thought it was a spider and tried to vacuum it out of his ear himself. But, he was unsuccessful. When he visited the doctor, they got it out with tweezers. But, it wasn’t a spider. It was a roach that had crawled up in there while he slept.

Botfly Maggots

botfly maggots

When a man had a bad itch in his scalp, he did what anyone would do and he bought new shampoo. He cleaned his head until he rubbed it raw. But, the itching got worse. So, he had to get it checked out. Online footage shows Simon JN getting a botfly maggot removed from his scalp leaving a nice little hole on the top of his head.

A Burrowing Spider

a burrowing spider

Dylan Maxwell was vacationing on Bali, an Indonesian island. When he returned home, he saw a red scar that went from his belly button to this chest. He had no idea what it was. So, he went to the doctor’s to find out that a tropical spider got inside his skin somehow and burrowed that trail.

An Eel Inside Him

eel in penis

A thing Chinese do is take baths with small eels that are supposed to eat the dead skin off their body. One Chinese man was doing just that when he had an eel enter him. It ended up growing to about 6 inches long before they finally surgically removed it.

John Matthew’s Worm

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When he was going through having hazy vision, John Matthews was also seeing dark spots. He went to an ophthalmologist and didn’t like what was found. There was a parasitic worm swimming around in his eye eating his retina away.

Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei

Spirometra erinaceieuropaei

This is not just an ordinary worm. It’s a parasite. It will eat your brain from inside out. One 50 year old Chinese man was having really bad headaches. When he finally decided to go to the doctor’s, they found this species of tapeworm living happily inside the man’s head.



This is an incredibly weird phenomena. They call it the “Monster Tumor.” It’s not a plant growing in someone, nor is it a parasite. But, it is alive. It has tissue and organ components. Some have been found with teeth and hair, eyes and limbs. The worst cases have been known to try to possess the person its in and attack their brain.

He Had A Twin

they were twins

In the weirdest case of all, Sanju Bhagat had a strange thing growing inside of him. His huge belly was the clue. When he went to the doctor to get it checked out, they found the man’s own twin living inside of him. It was eating off of him. When they surgically removed it, they found that it had developed hands and feet along with other organs to help it live.

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