Festivals are awesome and you should try to go to every one you possibly can. But, they have changed since I was a kid. Becoming a poster child for a festival of today is doing more than looking good beside a cute pony.

Actually, there has been a certain type of festival for decades. People go to hear music. But, they get caught up in a ton of other things while they’re there. Think of all the stories you’ve heard about Woodstock and you’re getting the picture.

Of course, Woodstock had a few photographers walking around snapping shots. There were cameramen there getting footage. What’s different today? Everyone has a camera and Youtube is just an app away. So everyone doing anything weird, fun, exciting, and especially humiliating can be the next poster child for today’s type of festival.

You Can Definitely Get The Good


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There are several reasons why people do drugs. Some do them to escape reality, to run from their problems only making them worse in the process. But, most people are chasing a very good feeling. Drugs have a way of doing that. That’s really why they do them in the first place. They want to feel good, but on a level normal every day life can’t deliver. They want a drug enhanced good feeling to get their faster, bypassing all obstacles.

Good Advice


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But, The Simpsons have been trying to get a message across for years. You take drugs for a good feeling. You come back to reality where everything is normal, or even worse. So, you start chasing that good feeling again, and again, and again. Soon, you’re trying to chase that feeling all the time while your world falls apart all around you. Enjoy today’s PSA and see if you can relate to the poster child for festivals.

Today’s Poster Child