Weird compliments come out of the blue and it’s funny to think them through. Do you ever try to figure out what is going through someone’s mind when they tell you that your eyebrows are really symmetrical with your face?

You might not get that exact compliment, but what does it mean? Is that person interested? Are they trying to be nice? Do they want something and they don’t have anything else nice to say?

The best part is the awkward moment when someone who doesn’t have anything to say hems and haws around until they come up with a line that is totally cringe worthy. The delivery has hiccups and the response is priceless. Those are the moments I live for.

What’s That Again?

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“I would love to look like an idiot with you.”

Of course, that comes across kind of romantic. But, why does anyone have to look like an idiot?

You Want To What?


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“You would be the best person to do a group project with.”

You know, because that’s what a guy looks for in someone. Not really sure it’s a compliment when you’re talking about having someone else do all the work and you still get the grade.

That’s Interesting

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“You have a look that doesn’t make you look like a serial killer.”

You know, it’s good to have that. It’s a good thing when you walk into a busy place and people don’t think you’re going to kill them.

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