August 12, 2016

These Awesome Pics Will Put You In A Great Mood

When you’re not in a great mood, you’re whole day is off. People are getting in your way at stores. They’re trying to run you over on the street. It’s like everything and everyone is out to make sure you have a terrible day.

You never know what is going to take you out of it. But sometimes, the smallest things can do it. You can see something and it will change your whole mood for a day. Maybe it’s a kid playing in a water puddle or some random sign that you see on a wall. It could be any of these pics and they are sure to do it!

The Chillest Duck Ever

the chillest duckling ever
When do you ever see a duck wearing sandals? Does it make you wonder why there are sandals on a duck’s feet or does it make you sit back and say it is what it is? Whatever it is, ducks no longer have to complain about the road hurting their feet. Now, they have a whole bunch of new problems like what kind of sandals to get next. Welcome to human problems!

There’s Always An Assistant

there's always an assistant
The assistant never looks like they do much. But, they are the backbone of any operation. In this case, the branch manager is bringing it home. But, the assistant is there just in case.

We’re All Olympians

we're all olympians
If everyone could declare a sport for the Olympics, they’d all be winners. Making the waste basket from your office chair. People watching at the mall. Of course, eating Pringles. There would have to be a category for that.

Someone Has To Do It

someone has to do it
It’s a job. If it was your job, you’d do it with a smile on your face too. Because you would know, deep down inside that you are saving lives.

Perfect Shenanigans

perfect shenanigans
All protests begin with a firm stand on something. Then, it really can’t be a protest until someone arrives to protest your protest. This would have to be the perfect ridiculousness to bring it all into perspective.

Optical Illusion

optical illusion
Look real hard. Then, look a little harder. When you realize that there is no lake in the picture, you know you’ve just been fooled like the rest of us and suddenly you don’t feel so alone in this world.

Problems At The K-9 Unit

problems at the k9 unit
Hank had a wife and two puppies at home. He almost lost it all until he realized what he stood to lose. Now he only participates in drug busts recreationally. He says he’s got it under control. Time will tell.

It’s A No-Brainer

amish internet
The perfect answer. Of course, there are other options. They have lower rates of electric shut off notices. They have lower rates of car accidents. The list goes on, but they are definitely down in cyber bullying.

It’s Just A Full Picture Of Wonderfulness

awesome pie
Now, where else can you find a more perfect picture to brighten your day? It’s hard to figure out what she’s holding. It could be a pie or a casserole. Whatever it is, it looks good and she’s the perfect person to bring it to you.

The Safest Person On Earth

the safest person on the face of the earth
Don’t ask why. Maybe they met at camp years ago and they’re just being reunited. Maybe she’s known the bear all his life and this is what they do on snowy days. Whatever this picture is about, just enjoy its awesomeness.

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