July 26, 2016

Inappropriate Kids Costumes

Pablo Escobar
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Here’s a good idea, let’s dress our kid up as one of the most ruthless and notorious drug cartel bosses of all time… said no sane parent, ever!

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Well, at least we know what mommy does for a living, but is that a good enough reason to try to get your daughter to follow in your footsteps?

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Have these parents even SEEN The Silence of the Lambs? Do they know what Hannibal Lecter did? Have they seen the sequel, Hannibal? It shows what he’s known for!

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We’ll give this kid one thing… his impression of Donald Trump is spot on. We actually thought that was a picture of The Donald from his youth.

Walter White
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What is it with parents and dressing their kids as drug bosses?! Not only does this asian kid have a very intricate Walter White costume, he’s also got the crystal meth bag accessory!

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This costume is not so much inappropriate as it is impressive! The only thing that would make it better is if this kid were able to sing one of Prince’s songs!

Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj
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Well, this one is just not as impressive as the Prince costume. While Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are great musicians, we don’t think you should model your kids’ looks after them.

Cheech And Chong
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If we were high right now, this would be really funny. But we’re not, so we realize that these costumes might not exactly be appropriate for young children to wear.

Clockwork Orange
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Another genius parental decision… dressing your kid up as the violent (although somewhat lovable) rapist from A Clockwork Orange.

Alien Chicken
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We still remember the original Alien movie and the critter popping out of the stomach. It really disturbed us when we were 14, so we can’t imagine how this baby feels!

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The one upside to this costume is the fact that they’re teaching their young child to keep it safe during sex… but therein also lies the problem, they’re teaching their child to have sex.

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There’s inappropriate for toddlers, blame the parents! And then there’s inappropriate for the almost teenaged children, blame the kid… and save a little blame for the parents for not putting their foot down!

Mr. T
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I pity the fool who’s going to have to read this blurb! We love Mr. T, so we don’t think there’s anything inappropriate with this costume… other than maybe the fact the kid is not black but asian… which is ALSO a minority, so he gets a pass.

Hooters Girl
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Hot on the heels (pun intended) of the worst-ever-costume winner, baby stripper, comes the second place finish… Hooters girl… complete with stuffed shirt! Way to go, parents, way to go! The actual Hooters girl on the right is really hot, though.

Jersey Shore
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When we think “class,” we think Jersey Shore. No, that’s actually a complete lie. Those guys have no class at all, and neither do the parents who dressed their kids up as the cast for Halloween.

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Dressing up as mermaids for halloween is a very popular choice for little girls, just don’t let dad get the “this is how they really are” version of the costume… with a bare chest.

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Way to advertise your support for the cause, mom. While it’s nice to see like-minded people fighting the power, you might want to make sure that Child Protective Services is nowhere in sight.

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We thought the stripper costume was the worst… how wrong we were. Your friendly neighborhood white supremacists thought it would be cute to dress their future delinquent as Adolf Hitler.

Magic Mike

Hahaha! The drawn-on abs are awesome! We have a feeling that if this kid got into a room full of drunk women, he’d make more money than Channing Tatum ever could!

Jack And Marlboro
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Leave it to a committed life-long drunk to dress himself as a Jack Daniel’s bottle and bring his kid along, dressed as a pack of smokes! At least they’re filtered.

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