How much do these stars make? A butt load is the answer. I’m pretty sure that’s a legitimate thing. Forbes put Katy Perry’s net worth at about $125 million in 2016. Of course, by now she’s added quite a few million.

It shows when she just purchased a $19 million home. That’s like looking at all the money that you have and deciding that you’re going to spend one-sixth of all your money on something you want. Only that would probably leave you broke.

In Katy Perry’s circumstance, she’s still a millionaire with plenty of millions left and making more every minute. But, the real story here is the house. So, let’s take a look at what costs $19 million in a Beverly Hills gated community.

The Beautiful Mansion Front View

Of course, this is just her latest purchase. She has plenty of properties around Hollywood. There was even a huge battle over a convent that she intended to buy. But, the sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been fighting the sale.

A Beautiful Gated Community

It’s the stuff of stars. If they live on a street, visitors get to take a ride in a bus and pass by their house. They yell and scream looking for one star to actually show her face. But, a gated community gives the top of the top a chance at privacy.

Driving Up The Driveway Is An Awesome Sight

The entrance is already adorned in Katy Perry glory. Who wouldn’t want a place like this to come home to everyday? Or when she actually spends time there. Does this mean that she’s no longer interested in the convent or is this just another property she decided to buy until that’s settled?

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