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December 9, 2016

Missing Death By Inches, This Man Tries To Beat The Train

The guy literally doesn’t seem to care about the train. He’s walking toward the tracks as the gates come down. All the cars stop and he just keeps on walking.

He walks around the gates and stands there for a second. But, that only lasts for a second. After watching this footage, I’m wonder if that isn’t how most deaths by train occur. Of course, there is suicide by train. People actually throw themselves in front of them on purpose.

Then, you have people getting stuck on the tracks. That’s bad. Can you imagine a steaming locomotive coming at you and you can’t do anything about it because you’re stuck in the tracks? That would be an awful experience.

Of course, there are also drunk people who have no idea where they are. I’ve heard about quite a few of those. They’re just wobbling through town on rubber legs and happen across the train tracks. They have no idea what’s going on because the voices in their heads are making more noise than any locomotive ever could.

Even though horrible, those ways of dying on the tracks is at least understandable. Suicide less so. But, you know what I mean. What was this guy thinking?

He Waits For A Whole Moment

He doesn’t wait too long either. He must think it’s all a hoax. The cars that are parked and the gates that are down aren’t a big enough of a hint. Of course, it’s a hoax. It’s one elaborate prank to make the man run late.

And Off He Goes

So, what that guy was thinking is not clear. But, he definitely won’t try that again. But, it does appear it happens often. Sometimes, people are challenging the trains. Sometimes, they are in their own world and can’t hear it. But, these close calls are very cringe worthy. Don’t try any of them anywhere.

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