Some people are wired so that they have to feel adrenaline rushing through their veins. It’s like an addiction that they can’t quit. So, it pushes them to do some of the craziest things you could ever imagine, like this guy’s back flip in the video.

They jump out of airplanes. They do flips on motorcycles. They swim with sharks. They go rock climbing…without rope. These are the people who end up in the statistics every once in a while. But they need that adrenaline rush all the way up until they do the wrong thing and die.

Of course, some people are just plain stupid. You can talk them into anything. If you dare them to do it, they’ll say, “Hold my beer,” and the next thing you know, they are breaking their necks doing it.

Jump off that cliff…hold my beer.
Fight that bear…hold my beer.
Tell your wife she’s wrong…hold my beer.

They’re up for anything and they won’t even hesitate.

Hairy Scary

This is pure adrenaline rush. Of course, the guy is getting footage of him trying to kill himself. There is some entertainment value. But he’s doing it to feel that high he feels when pure adrenaline rushes through his veins as he’s pushing himself closer and closer to the edge. He doesn’t want to die. He just wants to see how close he can get. Too bad that he’s probably going to die pretty soon. He keeps doing stunts like this and he most likely won’t live long at all.

Beautiful Biker

This girl has got it down. But she’s also loving that adrenaline rush. She has no protective gear and if that bike starts to wobble, most of her skin will become a part of the road. But she most likely is very aware of that. She just doesn’t choose to think about those things while she’s flirting with danger.

Crazy Back Flip