Driving is pretty tough as it is. Put distractions in your way and next thing you know, you’re jumping a drawbridge. It was a pretty serious moment the driver went through that made his head spin. I mean, it’s not every day that you jump a drawbridge.

I once was listening to a news story about what causes the most accidents. The list included eating, changing music, and talking on the phone. A friend of mine was doing all three one time. She definitely had that accident coming to her when she totaled her Jeep.

This guy in the video was doing something with his GPS. They should be adjusted while the car is sitting in a parking space idling in neutral. It’s odd that this guy went completely across the bridge and had no idea he was about to jump a huge gap that was developing as the drawbridge was opening up.

Not Everything Goes Smooth

Sometimes, a jump doesn’t go right. There isn’t enough gas or the jump was miscalculated.

Some Things Go Really Bad Quick

A few miscalculations and the jump goes sideways. All you can do is get out of the way.

Best To Know What You’re Doing

Be aware of your surroundings and read the signs. This guy didn’t know how high his truck was so he had no idea that he was about to lose the top of it.

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