panda feature
December 9, 2016

Panda Cubs Playing With Their Keeper Is Massive Cute Overdose

You might think you have a great job. But, you’ll never have a job as great as taking care of panda cubs.

We all have a job to do. Some people just have better jobs than others. It’s not really nice to point out the bad jobs of the world. But, the people doing them know they have one and that’s all that needs to be said on that topic.

Great jobs are what we all want. There are people who dream of touring the world and drinking beer everywhere they go. It was crazy when there was actually a job like that over a year ago. World of Beer was advertising it and I’m quite sure they were swarmed with applications. Someone today is flying from city to city around the world and drinking beer in every one of them. How cool would that be?

Of course, that’s just like Dave Attell’s show a few years ago called Insomniac. It was a show about going to different clubs and having drinks. That would be an awesome way to get paid too.

So, there are some really great jobs out there. But, they’re not all about drinking beer all over the world.

Because With Pandas

They are relentless. These pandas have no care in the world for the work she’s trying to accomplish. They want to destroy everything and they keep coming at her until she can’t take anymore.

When Panda Cubs Attack

They get vicious. They have her on the run. She can’t get away. At one point, they have her surrounded and her escape is hair raising.

Greatest Job Ever

Detonating Today