October 7, 2016

Photos Taken Just Before Everything Went Wrong

Fighter Pilot Ejects

fighter pilot ejects

Can you imagine making that split second decision to eject from the jet just before it crashes or explodes? They are trained for it. But, you never know what you’re going to do until it happens.

Federico Kroyman’s Ferrari

Federico Kroyman’s Ferrari

That is not going to feel good. Look at his feet on the ground as he slides at high speeds. How in the world does the car just fall apart like that?

WWII Pilot Ejecting Over Farmer

wwii pilot ejecting over farmer

Can you imagine plowing your field and all of a sudden, you hear something behind you? You turn around to see a jet about to crash and the pilot floating down to the ground with a parachute. That would be something you’d never forget.

Thrown From The Car

thrown from the car

It wasn’t uncommon for racers to skip wearing the seat belt. When they wrecked, they got thrown. Some people say it’s best that way. But, the government doesn’t seem to agree with them.

This Doesn’t End Well

this doesn't end well

How in the world this happened is hard to figure out. It could be just a little bit of waves mixed with an overloaded deck. Imagine losing all that to the thousand leagues of sea below.

Stan Fox Indy 500 Crash

Stan Fox indy 500 crash

This picture captures so much at one time. Look at his feet dangling in the mangled wreckage. You know he was in pain when this crash finally came to an end.

Mark Webber’s Le Mans Crash

Mark Webber's LeMans Crash

There goes that Mercedes. It was nice too. But, it’s in pieces now after this flying stunt over another car.

Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy

Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy Competitor

That doesn’t look like it felt good at all. That’s the risk of racing. If you fall off your bike, expect someone from behind you to zoom right over you. They can’t stop themselves that fast.

Harrier Ejection

harrier ejections

Harrier’s are tricky. They can hover, which is a skill that pilots have to learn. It’s easy to flip one. So the pilot has to be ready to bail in an instant.

Biorgia Bartocci Escaping

biorgia bartocci escaping

This is in the neck of time. The car is exploding and he gets out alive. Pretty sure the explosion sent him flying. But, it worked to his advantage.

Cliff Allison

cliff allison

That’s where the seat belt comes in handy. Or maybe not. He looks like he’s about to collide and it’s best to not be in the car when it does that.

Copilot Of Russian Jet Ejects

copilot of russian jet ejects

It’s an odd picture don’t you think? The copilot is gone. But, the pilot is still in the cockpit. Wonder if the pilot meant to stay or if the copilot accidentally ejected too soon.

The Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia

This is a sad moment. The cruise ship hit a rock and this is the result. 33 people are reported dead after it capsized and sunk.

Balmoral Taking On Waves

balmoral taking on waves

This is another tragic incident out on the open sea. The Balmoral took on 50 foot waves in a storm that tossed it around like a toy. People reported broken bones once it was all said and done.

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