July 25, 2016

Pictures That Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Go Away

An Embarrassment For Both Of Them

That’s right, this picture is an embarrassment for both of them. Hillary and Donald have been friends for a long time… sorry, there’s no hiding that!

A Meeting Of Two Bills

Bill Cosby is so toxic to the public eye these days, even posing for an innocent picture with him can land someone of Bill Clinton’s stature in trouble.

Oh God! What Did Bill Do This Time?

Hillary Clinton looking like she’s just found out about another one of Bill Clinton’s “indiscretions.”

This Picture Will Haunt Your Wife, Mr. President

Bill Clinton shaking hands with the sketchiest strongman on Earth, Russian pseudo-dictator, Vladimir Putin.

Predictable Bill

Oh Bill, you were always our favorite President… we could always predict how you’d react to any situation.

Dynasty Love

What’s one political dynasty to do when it meets another political dynasty? Pretend like they like each other, of course.

More Dynasty Love

Bush: “Can you believe they elected my father and then me?!” Bill: “Can you believe they elected me and now they’re going to elect my wife?! Can I get a witness?”

Wandering Eyes

Wow, it looks like Hillary Clinton’s eyes have wandered a bit off course. The camera is this way, Mrs. Clinton!

Bill Will Be Bill

Can you really blame Bill? We already know what kind of man he is… do we really want to change him? Can you imagine how boring the news would be?

Classy, Mr. President, Real Classy

Well, at least Monica Lewinsky can’t say that Bill Clinton forgot her birthday.

Is That Fear In Hillary’s Eyes?

Could we actually be seeing some fear in the eyes of the first woman who has a decent chance of becoming the most powerful man on Earth?

Bill “Stogie” Clinton

We’re not sure what kind of cigar that is, but we think Bill Clinton has enough money to afford something better than a gas station “Philly.”

Hillary, Back To Her African Roots

Hillary Clinton reconnected with her African roots on a state trip to Malawi… African roots, you know, since humanity began in Africa.


That’s right, the Clintons and the Trumps are BFFFs… no, that’s not one too many Fs, we meant it.

If I Wasn’t American, I’d Be A Saudi Princess

Hillary Clinton’s love of Saudi Arabia is only matched by her love of power. We’re not sure if that smug expression on her face is good or bad news for the American people.

Loving That Muslim Culture

Hillary Clinton sporting her best head covering while visiting a muslim country. She looks happy to be celebrating their traditions, doesn’t she?

Golfing With The 1%

The 1% like to keep it in the family… None of the people here have ever had to worry about making a car payment…

I’m NOT A War Hawk? Who You Talkin’ To?!

Hillary Clinton might as well have invented the term, War Hawk. She loves war so much it makes even the Pentagon nervous.

I Love To Hate You

This show of (seemingly) love just goes to prove that there is no love lost between these two politicians. He endorsed her, but they don’t really like each other.


Of ALL the Presidents that Bill Clinton could get chummy with and take a picture, he had to pick Dubya?!

Uh Oh!

Hillary has shown her support for the Israelis on countless occasions, so being seen photographed (smiling) with the man viewed as the father of Palestinian revolution is not in her best interest.

Officially In The Republican Crosshairs

This picture will haunt Hillary forever with Republican voters. Not that they would EVER vote for her anyway, but it sure gives them the ammunition they need for their hate-filled agenda.

V For Victory!

Hillary is awfully friendly with a lot of different sorts. Maybe they’re really friends, and maybe not, we can’t be sure.

She Has A Headscarf In All Colors Of The Rainbow

That’s right, Hillary has a headscarf for all occasions and in all colors! Pastels, sure! Rumor has it she even has a plaid one…

“We Love All We’ve Seen On Your Oil… Uh… Soil.”

Fighting for what her constituents want is what Hillary is all about! She’ll make sure they get EXACTLY what they wish. Her constituents… the Oil Companies.

Signing Your Rights Away

Hillary is known as saying what needs to be said. Muslim voters? She says she supports your cause. Hispanic voters? Lots of talk from Hillary. Corporate donors? “I’ll get your laws passed!”

That Looks Awfully Islamic…

The reason Hillary wants this picture to go away is because it might affect her bottom line with some donors of the discriminatory-persuasion…

No, Mrs. Clinton, Thank You…

We’re not quite sure what’s going on in this picture but it looks like the Arab man is refusing a request from Hillary… then again, maybe he’s telling her about his next campaign contribution.

Fake Smiles All Around

When it comes to fake-smile diplomacy, no one is quite as adept as Hillary Clinton. Her fake smiles looks absolutely genuine!

Hillary Must Love These

If there’s one thing Hillary Clinton can appreciate, it’s to see hundreds of pictures of Bill Clinton posing with Monica.

Internship Has Its Rewards

Monica’s internship led to a lot of time in the public light. She’s since dropped off, but she had more than her share of the fabled 15 minutes of fame.

Presidential Collector’s Item

Oh yeah, now we’re talking! There’s Monica Lewinsky’s intern dress for sale. We wonder if Hillary was the winning bidder?

Land Of The Free? Ok, Fine…

Hillary Clinton has risen to levels of power hitherto unseen in American politics. What’s a politician to do?

More Fake Smiliness

“Did you take the picture yet? My face is starting to hurt from this strange expression called a ‘smile’!”

She Was “Broke,” But She Has A Mac

There’s nothing like sporting a new Mac to convince the financially struggling masses that you’re “just like them!”

Poor Bill…

Poor guy has to see THIS every morning! What did he ever do in a past life to deserve this?

Plenty Of Bill Clinton To Go Around

Bill Clinton is a likable guy, we get it. He’s charismatic and very friendly and extremely willing to be photographed with admirers.

Foreign Experience

Hillary Clinton is already a big fan of the Saudis, but the speaking fees help as well.

Detonating Today