What would you do if you walked into a Pizza Hut and saw absolutely no one behind the counter? Then when you look in the kitchen, there’s no one there either? Would you start making yourself a pizza or would you start worrying about what happened?

It would be weird. There’s no doubt about that. Why in the world wouldn’t there be anyone working when the door is wide open? Does that sound like something a manager would want to have happen to his store?

I think that would be his nightmare. The thing is the manager knows now what’s going on in his store while he’s not around. This video tells the tale of a very eerie moment when a customer walks into a Pizza Hut and that’s what he’s faced with, so he investigates and you’re going to love what he found.

Were You Guys Doing It?

yes then no

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The first reaction is too much. They go into CYA mode in the blink of an eye and they were the ones caught in the wrong. You have to admit you love when that happens, when people try to turn the tables.

How Fast Can Someone Move?

about to get caught

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You’d be surprised how fast people can move when they are about to be caught. People can go into some slick Ninja speed when they don’t want someone finding out what they were doing.

Pizza Hut Caught Red Handed Though