Reality TV has reached rock bottom. There is very real proof that they have nowhere to go but up. You know, since they decided to cover Ferne McCann’s bowel problem.

Wonder what top of the network corporate executive made that decision? It is hilarious though. We think those kinds of things can only happen to us. But then, they happen to the people on the moving picture box too.

But, does reality tv have to go there? Wasn’t there enough footage of other things that they could have used to fill their show? They didn’t have to highlight the bowel problems of one of its stars to get good ratings. If that’s what gets good ratings, I can give them plenty of ideas.

She could pee herself in the middle of a live show. She could rip her dress while getting out of a car. They could have her fart in line at the post office. See! There’s a lot of things that she can do.

Live TV

live broadcast

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When a broadcast goes live, there is nothing anyone can do about a blooper. Embarrassing moments happen all the time and you can’t stop and rewind. You have to keep going. Bounce back and move forward. That’s actually the fun of live television. But, it can get harry every once in a while.

Getting Dirty

muddy fall

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When people are caught off guard doing something embarrassing, that’s Youtube gold. You can see that all over the web every time someone falls, crashes, jumps, bounces, or spins.

But, Reality TV can be edited. They actually made the decision to expose the embarrassing moment when Ferne McCann had a bowel problem on a double date, which is the last thing she probably wanted to be added to the show. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would want that memorialized.

So, here it is. Have fun watching it!

What The Deuce?