September 2, 2016

Shower Thoughts Will Make You Reflect In A Funny Tone Of Voice

It Can’t Win Either Way

it can't win either way
It just isn’t something people tend to like. That’s because most people adore sleep. So, the alarm clock gets a bad rap no matter what it does. It’s like being a tax collector. People are going to hate you whether you’re doing your job or not.

That Would Go Over Well

that would go over well
Of course, who can think of more food at a time like that? “Oh hey, I think I’ll have the crepes!”
“That brownie looks really good!”
“I might get a Hershey Squirt!”

It Doesn’t Seem To Work

it doesn't seem to work
Have you ever thought of that? Just after you order Domino’s, you get Domino’s ads everywhere you go. If you were just on the Domino’s site, chances are you already ordered pizza. Why would you want more pizza?

Keyboard Trolls

keyboard trolls
Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the person who’s typing? Most of the time you don’t even know who they are. Trolls love going around and stirring up drama just to see whose panties they can ruffle. Nice people on the internet though, they stand out.

Never Thought Of That

never thought of that
It’s one of those miraculous number games. Like, how many words do you think you’ll say in your lifetime? How many miles will you have walked? You know, the actual number will astound you.

The Struggle Is Real

the struggle is real
For one thing though, a five minute survey is never a five minute survey. Their sense of time is all discombobulated. They say five minutes, and thirty minutes later you’re finally wrapping it up.

That’s One Way Of Looking At It

that's one way of looking at it
Most people want their break now. It’s a thing. If smokers can go outside every hour and take a break from work, why can’t everyone else? But, this is true. When non-smokers outlive smokers, they can just count all those extra minutes as one extended break.

That’s Determination

that's determination
Some people just don’t look at a pint of ice cream as any real challenge. They know it’s over before it even started. But, ice cream is also a break up food. It’s a ‘you just got fired’ food. It’s a ‘the car broke down’ food. It’s basically any ‘had a bad day’ food. So, eat up!

Ever Thought Of That?

ever thought of that
Humans act like their dogs are part of the family. They run the house and have just as much respect as one of the kids. That is until they are waking up the neighbors or chasing away a cat. Then, you get to see exactly where the dog stands in the family.

Now That’s Doing Something Special

now that's doing something special
The ability to do that is beyond miraculous. A cow probably can’t even do that. I mean, has anyone ever fed a cow cheese before? Did it eat it? That would be like cannibalism or something else that’s just as disgusting.

Detonating Today