I don’t know why. But, it’s a rescue snake. That’s right. They rescued a snake. What they rescued it from is the mystery. But, they rescued it.

That’s like rescuing a spider. Why would anyone want to do that? Who in their right mind has ever looked at a spider and said, “Awe, honey look. Look at this spider. It looks so lonely in that cage. Look at its eyes. Honey, let’s rescue it. Let’s take it home with us. Come on, please!”

That conversation has never happened. I’m pretty sure. I wasn’t there if it did. Let’s just put it that way.

So, what in the world does the world need with a rescue snake? What happened anyway. Did it run away from its owner? They looked for it all over town and finally gave up. The animal rescue guys found it wandering the streets and took it to the shelter. Hours before being euthanized, these guys rescued it. Doesn’t sound like a tear-jerker. But, that’s what could have happened.

Anyway, now they are trying to give it water to drink…out of a bottle. I can’t make this stuff up. That’s what they’re trying to do. Oh by the way, it’s a cobra. That’s right! It’s not a typical snake. It’s a deadly cobra.

Some People Might Find It Cute

husky in a bowl

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But, not a puppy husky trying to drink water out of a bowl cute. It’s not really cute at all actually. The snake is trying. But, I’m not sure it understands the concept of drinking water out of a bottle, especially when there’s probably a river nearby.

Water’s Hard

water hose

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It’s tough catching water. It takes a certain amount of skill. Some humans still haven’t got the whole water fountain thing down yet. How do we expect a snake to catch water pouring out of a bottle? It’s just weird. The whole thing is weird. And these guys had no clue.

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