When baseball players are really necessary to a team’s success, they get some pretty sweet deals. It’s not always just about the money though. The Rougned Odor deal is one of those that is out of the ordinary.

Of course, there have been some really interesting deals in baseball before. Rollie Fingers asked for mustache wax. Roy Oswalt got a bulldozer for a bonus. Carlos Beltran got a high-tech hit training device. But, that actually benefited the team too.

Most players want simple things. Some players ask for SUVs or other types of cars while other players ask for expensive watches and huge parties. You would think the money would be enough. But, it’s a common practice now for teams to sweeten the deal even with millions already on the table.

What Deal Did Rougned Odor Get?

It’s not hard to figure out when you know a little bit more about what a friend of the family, Alex Cabera likes to call Rougie. His uncle calls him a Venezuelan Cowboy and Alex talks about how much he likes to ride, “Rougie rides every single day. He enjoys the ranch all day long in the winter.” What to give Rougie as a bonus to sign was literally a no-brainer.

The Deal Includes Two Elite Horses

Rougie has raised four horses on Alex’s ranch. All the Texas Rangers had to do to get Rougie to sign an already sweet six year $49.5 million deal was throw a few horses into it. But, these aren’t just any horses. These are elite horses. With horses going as high as a million dollars, and I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to horses, but that is a sweet deal.

Time To Celebrate

So Odor will get $49.5 million over six years, which is the biggest deal that the Rangers have ever made. Plus, he gets two horses out of the deal. I’d say he hit a home run without even walking on the field.