Dating is hard. Getting started can really be the hard part. But, a relationship won’t exist without some kind of initial effort. The thing is, what is the best way to go about it?

There are so many solutions out there and they all have worked for one person or another. Speed dating has worked or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Blind dates have a tendency to work because you’re relying on what your friends know.

Online dating has worked. But, there are also some nightmares out there. A girl shows up at a restaurant and looks around. She doesn’t see anyone she knows until a strange guy walks up to her and introduces himself. He’s the guy, but he doesn’t look anything like he does in his pictures. That’s because he doesn’t think his pictures are good enough and he uses someone else’s. Pretty typical.

But, that’s better than meeting a serial killer. You never know what you’re going to get when you’re online dating. People can lie pretty easily online.

So, why not do it old school? But, the script got flipped now. So, they call it offline dating.

New School Relationship


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It’s that serious. You never know what you’re going to get when you try online dating. People have really ended up with the absolute worst and didn’t live to tell about it. Forensics told their story after.

A Nice Guy

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All girls say they want a nice guy. But, that seems so cliche. They’re just saying that so they don’t look so bad. How would it look if they openly advertised for a bad guy, a terrible guy, a guy who gets what he wants and takes off? The fact is girls can’t really stand the nice guy.

And Better Yet

jumping too fast

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Then, there’s the guy who skips a few steps. He meets a really good woman and wants to jump straight to the finish line. No dating. No getting to know each other. He wants to tie her down as soon as possible.

Everyone Wants Funny


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It’s true if you get a girl laughing, you’re half way there. But, that’s not all it takes. Getting a girl laughing is also a good route to take straight to the friend zone.

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