July 26, 2016

The Hottest New Trucks And SUVs For 2016

Lamborghini Urus


Lamborghini making an SUV seems strange until you see the beast they’ve invented. It looks like a cross between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, with really big wheels.

The twin-turbo V8 on the regular model will allow you to go up to 205 mph as you go to the grocery store and the spacious interior features seats for 4. We assume this means that it has individual seats in the back. The estimated price is between $150,000 and $200,000, so you’ll need to wait for your next paycheck before getting one.

Ford Bronco


Here’s a picture of what the new 2018 Ford Bronco may look like, which, we have to admit, looks pretty amazing… very rugged looking.

There isn’t too much information about this truck yet, but we can definitely guess that it’ll be powerful, guzzle some serious gas (even if deemed “efficient” or “green”), and feature a rear camera. We really like the styling in this image, so we hope it ends up looking like this.

Knight XV Fully Armored SUV


The Knight SV Fully Armored SUV is the truck you NEED… if civilization ever collapses yet you are still able to find enough gas to fill up the 63-gallon gas tank.

The armored part is no joke, this baby will give a tank a run for its money in the armored department. The SUV is HUGE (based on a Ford F550… you know how huge THOSE trucks are) and has enough room to hold ALL your kids’ toys, plus the week’s worth of groceries, PLUS all your kids’ soccer supplies! We’d get one.

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force


Mercedes Benz’s Ener-G-Force concept SUV looks like a Mercedes of the future… which is exactly what a future SUV should look like with such a cool name.

The design was submitted by Mercedes to Los Angeles’ “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025″ challenge. The vehicle is efficient, can handle off-road situations (which police departments believe will be a much bigger factor in the near future) and looks like it actually time-travelled back from the future. Sign us up!

Hummer H4


This is, unfortunately, a Hummer HX concept from 2008 which fell by the wayside when Hummer folded its operations.

We would have LOVED to see this beast in action, especially considering it looks more like the Hummer Alpha than it does the Hummer H2 or the Hummer H3. There are rumors that the car may get made under the GMC brand… here’s hoping.

Jeep Hurricane


In what must be one of the coolest Jeep concepts ever, the 2005 concept of the Jeep Hurricane is a car we want to come to production! Although it might not.

What’s so cool about the Jeep Hurricane, besides the pseudo-Wrangler look, is that the back wheels turn in conjunction with the front wheels, which allows for some close-quarters maneuvering. We’re not sure how safe that makes it for regular road driving, but it’s awesome for off-road!

Rally Fighter


The Rally Fighter is made by Local Motors, which focuses on making low numbers of their vehicles and use open source technology. In other words, the parts for these cars already exist in other cars, they just put them all together to form new ones.

We like the styling of the Rally Fighter, which reminds us of a Mad Max version of Toyota’s never-publicly-released concept of the RSC. If you were to allow a few punk rockers to ride this thing in the desert as they brandished some clubs and guns, you’d have the necessities to film the next sequel in the Mad Max franchise.

2015 Mercedes Benz G500 4×4


For a while, the Mercedes Benz G500 was on the chopping block… for years! But Mercedes kept deciding to make it, which pleases us greatly as it’s an amazing looking vehicle which we wish we could afford.

But now, Mercedes has OUTDONE itself! It turns out they’re releasing the G500 as a 4×4. Now it has style AND function! The boxy look of the SUV has always been impressive but it seemed like off-road was not the best place to take it. This development has put that worry to rest and now, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors while looking like a complete pimp!

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6×6


If the Mercedes Benz G500 4×4 is not enough for you, how about you test drive the Mercedes Benz G63 6×6… because 6 wheels are much better than 4. Just make sure you don’t live in cramped Europe, or you might not be able to turn around the corner.

This behemoth is just that… a frickin’ behemoth of luxury! The 6×6 wheel drive is exactly what the doctor ordered… on MARS! Slap on some AMG extras and you have an off-road vehicle of mythical proportions. We can’t even imagine how much this one costs… but we did check, and it’s $975,000. Start saving those pennies now. Only a few were made and we’re pretty sure no one is selling.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8


If you’re a fan of the Jeep Grand Cherokee but feel that it doesn’t offer enough power and luxury, you’re in for a treat! Jeep has released an SRT8 version of the SUV and it looks pretty amazing.

Sure, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an older model car, not really so exciting and frankly, boring. But giving it the SRT8 treatment has morphed this formerly bland SUV into something worthy of your driving time. It’ll gas guzzle, but you’ll be okay with paying a bit extra for this monster!

Jeep Crew Chief


The worst mistake Jeep ever made with their Wrangler is change it from the basic design of the CJ-5… and by that, we mean the wider wheel wells. The awesome CJ-5 became a wide monstrosity… and we don’t mean that as a compliment.

Jeep seems to have heard the criticism (at least a bit) as they’ve created a concept car called the Jeep Shortcut. It’s basically a Wrangler, but cut down to CJ-5 proportions… especially the wheel wells. If they release this baby, we’re instantly on-board!

Jeep Mighty FC


If you’re just itching to drive a pickup mixed with a forward-seated cab, all raised higher than a Sequoia tree, the Jeep Mighty FC concept is the right truck for you! Featuring the advantages of your knees being the first crumple zone, the Mighty FC is for serious forward cab drivers only!

The Mighty FC used to be made in the 50’s and 60’s before whatever it was that that made them stop making it made them stop making it. Now, like all your favorite movie franchises you NEVER wished would ever get remade, it’s in the conceptual stage of being remade. Isn’t innovation grand?

Jeep Wrangler HellCat


If you thought that rolling your Jeep Wrangler was easy as you turned a corner doing 7 mph, wait until you get your hands on Jeep’s newest Wrangler HellCat concept! Packing a whopping 707hp V8, you’ll be able to roll the car just THINKING of pressing on the gas pedal!

The Jeep HellCat looks absolutely amazing. It features a 6-speed manual shifter that spreads the 707hp among its 4-wheel drive for dependable off-roading at ludicrous acceleration and top speeds! Good luck getting one.

Freightliner SUV


Should you need to compensate for any deficiencies, the Freightliner SUV is the truck for you! Over 9.5 ft tall, with an 8.3 L diesel engine, this SUV is the PERFECT grocery running vehicle… It will also double up quite well in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

This SUV is so excessively massive and wasteful, it makes a Hummer look like a Tesla in terms of environmental impact. Should a redneck ever get his hands on one of these and add those smoke-stack chimneys to it, the world will plunge into a Venus-like greenhouse gas effect overnight.

Chevy’s Colorado ZR2


While the ZR2 suffers in the reputation department as a result of the previous ZR2 of the 90’s, it looks like Chevy might have learned its lesson with the latest installment. The newest Chevy to be ZR2ed is the Chevy Colorado.

It’s a smaller truck than most of Chevy’s offerings, which is exactly what fans have been asking for. Not everyone wants to drive a behemoth… some of us still need a truck that can drive down a 6 lane highway without having the passenger side driving all over the shoulder. We’ll see how this one fares if it ever leaves the concept stage (and there are hints it might actually do that).

Nissan Titan


In what must be the most boring of all the trucks and SUVs in our article, behold the newest Nissan Titan. It looks exactly like what you think it does, a pickup. But it’s new!

The Nissan Titan has a big following and is sure to please all the previous Nissan Titan owners who take a gander at pictures of this newest model… or those lucky enough to test drive one. Nissan does it again!

Ford Raptor


What happens when you mix a standard (but new) Ford pickup truck with an awesome dinosaur name? The Ford Raptor, naturally!

This pickup, based on the F150, is the truck you will need if roads ever disappear. Sure, you can drive it on a road, but not to its full potential. The Ford Raptor is a beast of a truck and will help you haul the biggest flatscreen TVs you could ever find at Best Buy… even the 3D ones! You’ll even have enough room to bring along a Blu Ray player.

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