August 11, 2016

The Hottest News Anchors

Ana Kasparian – The Young Turks


Armenian-American news co-anchor of The Young Turks, Ana Kasparian, is an articulate woman who brings as much discourse to the news field as she does looks. She co-hosts The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur and is very involved with political activism.

The fact that Ana provides actual news (when compared to the re-hashed propaganda of regular network news) is refreshing and brings in viewers to TYT, but it’s also safe to say that many people tune in just to catch a glimpse of the journalistic bombshell.

Pamela David – Argentina’s Desayunos Americano


The current host of Argentina’s Desayuno Americano (American Breakfast), Pamela David, began her career as a model, for obvious reasons. She has been featured in Playboy magazine and does the Spanish-translation voice for Pamela Anderson’s cartoon character, Stripperella.

While not a news anchor, per se, we had to include Pamela in this article because she does perform anchor-like duties on her morning show… and she’s hotter than most of the other women in this article!

Melissa Theuriau – France’s Zone Interdite


Hailing from France, reporter Melissa Theuriau has actually been voted the most beautiful reporter in the world by a number of “authorities”… we assume that means authorities on who’s hot and who’s not.

For a while she was an anchor for French investigative journalism show, Zone Interdite (Forbidden Zone), and is also the subject of some serious internet fame. Many of her admirers upload compilations of her reporting. Melissa has a huge following, and for good reason!

Andrea Tantaros – Fox News Channel


From afar, you’d assume Andrea Tantaros was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. But once she opens her mouth, you realize the brunette bombshell is highly educated and accomplished, covering diverse political topics for Fox News!

Andrea is a regular co-host of The Five and also contributes on Outnumbered as part of a predominantly female panel. Best of all, the gorgeous girl clearly has a wild side, having dated rock bad boy Dave Navarro.

Jenna Lee – Fox News and Business Channels


The Happening Now newswoman has made an extensive career out of her partnership with Fox. Jenna Lee is an impressive figure with an Ivy League education and out-of-this-world looks to match, making her the perfect fit for a variety of business- and news-related programs.

With supermodel features and a ridiculously hot body, it’s easy to become distracted while Jen’s broadcasting!

Jill Nicolini – CBS


Jill Nicolini is currently a traffic reporter on CBS, but the fact she used to be a model could be the reason why’s she’s so hot… or is that the other way around? CBS was smart to hire a beautiful traffic reporter as it makes finding out you’ll be late to work that much more palpable.

Jill has also done some acting (she had parts on Law & Order as well as HBO’s Sex and the City) and was even on FOX’s reality TV series, Married by America, in 2003.

Megyn Kelly – Fox News Channel


Fox News and Business channels are known for their slew of hot female contributors, but none compares to the astonishingly beautiful Megyn Kelly.

The blonde bombshell has the looks of an angel with the brain of an astrophysicist, making her the only choice for delivering the nation’s latest breaking news. The host of The Kelly File is currently experiencing a career high at the ripe age of 45. Apparently, the looker is aging in reverse!

Lindsay Czarniak – NBC, ESPN


Lindsay Czarniak is basically the perfect catch. The blonde beauty is smart, charming, and best of all, she knows her sports! The sideline reporter has covered everything from the Indianapolis 500 to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Nowadays, you’ll see the dazzling commentator showing off her skills on Sportscenter, capturing the hearts of men everywhere!

Suzanne Malveaux – CNN


Louisiana native, Suzanne Malveaux, comes from a French Creole family. She works for CNN and is one of the more beautiful anchors in our article. She is also an identical twin and is not the only successful person in the family. Actually, EVERYONE in her family is successful and they all hold high positions in society.

Many of them are professors or commissioners. One of her sisters was the assistant attorney general in Virginia, and her father was the dean of the College of Medicine at Harvard University.

Brooke Baldwin – CNN


While watching CNN Newsroom, it’s always a pleasure inviting the beautiful Brooke Baldwin into our living rooms every weekday afternoon!

The brunette bombshell delivers informative analysis each day of the week, exercising her intelligence and charm. With her bright eyes and kind smile, Brooke is a comforting presence amidst the news of our nation’s most pressing issues.

Erin Andrews – ESPN, ABC, Fox Sports


Erin Andrews is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to A-list female reporters. She’s got a slight advantage given her role as a sports contributor, appearing on the sidelines of NFL football and other professional athletic events.

Men have always taken a liking to Erin, admiring her fit physique, glowing smile, and superior knowledge of all things sports. She makes the Super Bowl sexy!

Gigi Stone – ABC, Bloomberg TV


It’s hard to believe that Gigi Stone has served as a respected anchor for ABC, CBS News, and Bloomberg TV, and she’s barely out of her thirties! The stunning brunette has a sparkling smile, charming personality, and warm presence, making her a perfect piece of eye candy for eager watchers.

Most importantly, she’s incredibly intelligent and well-spoken. Gigi has covered complex financial topics including the trial of Bernie Madoff.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – The View, Fox News Channel


Ever since her early days on reality competition Survivor, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made waves with her bubbly personality and beautiful features.

As a television host, her conservative approach brought a fresh perspective to The View. Ten years later, she’s found a more fitting home on Fox, and the gorgeous commentator is getting more and more attractive with age.

Maria Menounos – Access Hollywood


Some cynics may argue that Maria Menounos isn’t a true anchor, citing the questionable “news” she reports on celebrity-friendly Access Hollywood.

But the stunning spokeswoman has tons of reporting experience, including a coveted gig on NBC’s Today. The Greek looker regularly mingles with Hollywood’s elite, and with her practically perfect appearance, the camera loves her!

Michelle Kosinski – CNN White House Correspondent


Michelle Kosinski has had a varied and successful journalistic career. Currently, she is a White House Correspondent for CNN, but she’s also reported as a foreign correspondent from London for NBC and has covered many historical stories, including the devastating Haitian Earthquake.

On top of being a successful reporter, Michelle is also very good looking. She even made it onto Rolling Stone magazine’s annual Hot List as “Hot Reporter.” Well, now she can add yet ANOTHER accomplishment to her resume, she made it into Buzzlie’s “Hot News Anchors” article!

Contessa Brewer – Freelance


Contessa Brewer is a gorgeous reporter who used to work for MSNBC but now freelances. While she’s got the looks, Contessa comes with a bit of controversy. She’s been embroiled in a few news scandals and has put her foot in her mouth on more than one occasion.

But that’s okay with us… we like a girl who talks a bit of smack. Actually, that’s not true, we’d rather avoid the drama that comes with a woman who like to run her mouth. Then again, Contessa might just be good looking enough to make us break our own rules.

Anna Gilligan – Fox


She hasn’t hit the big time quite yet, but Anna Gilligan is still a fresh, famous face on the local news circuit. The entertainment reporter’s long blonde locks and sparkling smile are absolutely irresistible. On FOX5 New York, Anna dazzles the nation on the regular.

She was the subject of an embarrassing on-air moment when creepy reporter Greg Kelly ogled her via satellite. Anna handled it like a champ, keeping her cool and impressing men and women everywhere!

Lara Logan – CBS


Lara Logan ran into some controversy in 2013 after her inaccurate reporting of the Benghazi attacks on 60 Minutes. She later apologized, and it appears the world has forgiven the gorgeous 44-year-old global contributor.

Originally born in South Africa, Lara is a prolific jet setter and news anchor, working on location in a variety of exotic places. The courageous reporter even suffered an assault at the hands of out-of-control Egyptian protestors. Logan deserves all the professional praise she receives. She’s also got the classic girl-next-door look that every man desires!

Ainsley Earhardt – Fox News Channel


You can find Ainsley Earhardt appearing on Sean Hannity’s popular Fox program as a special correspondent. The network loved her so much, they made her a co-host on Fox & Friends!

Her curly blonde locks, dazzling white smile, and gorgeous blue eyes have men swooning every time they tune in for their daily dose of political banter. Ainsley is one smart lady, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s delightful to look at!

Anna Kooiman – Fox News Channel


This Southern belle stunned everyone when she debuted on Fox & Friends. Anna Kooiman has a sweet personality and breathtaking looks, lighting up the screen every time she covers an intense political topic.

She’s smart, sexy, and a talented broadcast journalist. Married in 2015, Anna’s officially off the market, but men can still steal a peek at her every weekend on Fox News!

Julie Banderas – Fox News Channel


With her flowing locks and perfect complexion, the Fox News Channel correspondent is hard to miss! Julie Banderas rose to fame after an infamous on-air clash with a reprehensible member of the Westboro Baptist Church.

As a contributor on Fox Report Weekend, the highly educated anchor brings beauty, knowledge, and wit, making her the perfect package.

Natalie Morales – MSNBC, NBC


Natalie Morales is everywhere these days, appearing on high profile broadcasts like Dateline NBC, NBC Nightly News, and in the third hour of Today as Ann Curry’s replacement.

The spicy Latina has broken ground in the industry, reporting on topics as diverse as the Columbine shooting, the 2004 Olympics, and various presidential elections. Natalie is rather accomplished in the professional sphere, but when it comes to her fit physique and lovely features, she really takes the cake!

Kiran Chetry – CNN, Fox News Channel


Few people are aware that famous face Kiran Chetry was born in Nepal. Thankfully, she immigrated to America as a baby, bringing her exotic beauty, charm, and wisdom for Americans to enjoy!

As a Fox News contributor, the brunette reporter turns heads while serving up the world’s important breaking news. Kiran has provided thoughtful commentary throughout her television career, and Maxim even ranked her third among the sexiest female anchors!

Erin Burnett – CNN, MSNBC, NBC


With a glamorous, almost nostalgic beauty and style, raven-haired stunner Erin Burnett has appeared on tons of popular news programs.

From Morning Joe to Meet the Press, NBC’s Nightly News to Celebrity Apprentice, Erin has carved out a prolific television career for herself. The brainy anchor’s piercing blue eyes and classic features make it difficult for viewers to look away!

Tamron Hall – NBC, MSNBC


Many viewers recognize the gorgeous Tamron Hall from the third hour of NBC’s Today. After landing the gig in 2014, the sexy reporter became the first African American co-host of the program, but her illustrious career goes well beyond this honor.

She’s worked as a journalist for years, even scoring a coveted interview with Barack Obama before his presidency. Tamron has incredible looks–and talent!

Katie Couric – NBC, CBS, ABC, Yahoo! News


It seems like Katie Couric has been on the air for decades, and in all honesty, nobody’s complaining! The cute, down-to-earth journalist is rather easy on the eyes, and her soft, comforting voice bring a lovely feminine energy to the air.

As part of NBC’s Today lineup throughout the 90s and 00s, Katie stole our hearts and solidified her spot as a leading respected news anchor. Now on Yahoo! News, America’s darling continues to woo men of all ages.

Rebecca Gomez – Fox News and Fox Business


FOX has a tendency to hire female reporters who, coincidentally, many would call foxes. Rebecca Gomez is one such reporter and has worked for FOX Business and FOX News channel.

Originally from San Jose, California, Rebecca currently lives in New Jersey and is presently a contributor to all things FOX.

Liz Cho – ABC


As a contributor on Eyewitness News and Good Morning America, the nation got a taste of anchor Liz Cho’s astonishingly beautiful looks and physique.

But New York City viewers are used to her gorgeous features, seeing her everyday on their local ABC news affiliate. When she married fellow journalist Josh Elliott, men everywhere mourned. The two make an obnoxiously hot–and newsworthy–couple!

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