Exactly Like The Doll

Barbie Dolls are made entirely of plastic and that’s what many people think of Valeria. She denies that her body is the result of going under the knife and that only her breasts have been altered. But, experts disagree. They’ve taken long looks at her body and say that it can only be possible through the use of plastic surgery.

She Nails The Persona

Ironically, she says she doesn’t like being called the Human Barbie, “I don’t think I look like a Barbie. I think I just look like a classy girl.” But, she started this journey wanting to look like Barbie. Something must have gotten to her. It’s hard to tell. She’s still ranting about inner ugliness.

How Does She Look When She Doesn’t Wear Makeup?

But then, she started posting pictures of her without makeup on her Instagram. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. She doesn’t need the makeup at all. Although, doesn’t that go against her rant about applying makeup to look beautiful? But, look at her. She really doesn’t need it.