August 19, 2016

Hilarious Moments In The Marriage Learning Curve

Wrong No Matter What

wrong no matter what
This is a mystery. How in the world can his opinion be wrong? It just is and that’s that. Don’t go to bed hungry. Just go to bed.

That’s Got To Be A Record

45 gummy bears
Not sure what the record is. But, 45 is a good number. Next time, try for 50. What was that your wife was saying?

A Little Ocean Humor

a little ocean humor
Sometimes, you just can’t stop. You get on a role. Why ruin it?

How Marriage Counseling Works

how marriage counseling works
What’s wrong with a little pun every once in a while? They can be very punny. Okay, last one. Scouts honor!

It’s Better Than The Alternative

it's better than the alternative
Husbands all around the world know that it’s much better when their wives talk to them, than when they stop. A wife can literally get her husband to admit to things he never even thought of doing. When she gives him the cold shoulder, it gets Brr cold…Antarctic cold…dinosaurs dying in the middle of the ice age cold.

No Matter What

no matter what
A good wife always needs things no matter where you are in your world. When she asks where you are, just get ready to pick something up for her to bring home. The sooner you get used to that, the better off you’ll be.

You Tried

you tried
Groceries are tricky. If she’s good at it, why would you want to break something that isn’t broke? If you think you can save money by shopping better than her, you need your head checked. She’s a pro and knows things you’ll never know.

Good Advice

good advice
Dishes are the same way. You have the chipped China or the warped Tupperware for everyday use. Then, you have the great dinnerware that only comes out when the Queen of England is coming over. Of course, the hand towels are going to be special.

The Great Debate Lingers

the great debate lingers
There are so many things that are supposed to be a certain way. The toilet paper roll in the bathroom is a huge debate that can end friendships! The toilet seat is another one. But, not everything comes out of the bathroom. Doing dishes, taking out trash, folding laundry and yes, how you put things in the refrigerator are all tasks you have to relearn when you get married.

That’s One Way To Handle That

that's one way to handle that
Negotiations are good. If they go well, everyone ends up walking away from the table happy. If they don’t go well, a freeze-over is about to begin and it has nothing to do with the thermostat.

That’ll Teach Her

that'll teach her
She’ll be the gossip of the cupcake community and that will definitely straighten her out. He should have never had to result to such a vicious attack. Butn extreme times call for extreme measures.

Detonating Today