Tiger Woods seems to be back on his game. His career is moving in the right direction again. But, is he better? He did claim that he had a sexual addiction and that is something that needs to heal if it’s ever going to get better.

Too bad the many mistresses in his life keep showing up in the news. Every time their name is in a headline, his name is dragged right down with it. It could be a trigger. He could go right back to those ways he was living.

The thing is that there are quite a few of them. He made a list of 120 for his therapist. Obviously, those names weren’t released by the therapist to the public. But, most of the girls started volunteering their own names and they had some great stories to tell. But, is he capable of slipping back into that?

Some girls say that he already has. They’ve been with him. They just might know a little something about it. As for his current girlfriend Kristin Smith, she’s not letting the relationship define her.

That’s good advice! It seems to have defined this long list of girls and their lives with or without him.

Theresa Rogers Tried To Catch Him Up With A Baby

Theresa actually claimed to have had his baby as a result of their five year affair. She tried to demand a $2.5 million dollar pay off to keep silent. But, she hardly had a chance after the story broke out all over the news. You can’t get a payoff if you’re going to blab your story to everyone saying things like she taught him, “everything he needed to know to be a great lover.”

Holly Sampson Put Her Business Out There No Problem

Holly had no qualms talking about her sex with Tiger. She described the sex as amazing and went on to talk about it on very good terms. To top it all off, she’s an adult film actress who has starred in Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife. Some sources even report her as having been an escort at one time. One thing’s for sure, her movies flew off the shelves after her story broke.

Emma Rotherham Had A Codename For Him

Emma called him Jose and even put his number in her phone under that name. It was a regular thing. Once a week, they would meet at his office in Florida. She would tell people Jose was giving her golf lessons. Tiger reportedly paid Emma close to $400,000 to keep quiet. He really hasn’t been having much luck with any of that.