Joslyn James Had A Whole New Swing On Things

Josyln is another adult film star that is linked to the sexual activities of Tiger Woods. But, she paints a different picture. The star of Porn Star Brides and MIA – Milfs In Action spilled the beans on how kinky Tiger was. But to be honest, Tiger wasn’t really having much luck paying people to keep quiet.

Devon James Was Happy To Take His Calls

Devon didn’t get paid for her silence. She was paid for her participation. Of course when you hire an escort, it’s implied that it will come with silence. Tiger paid $4,000 for a two-girl experience that involved Devon and another girl. With some texting in between, there seems to be more than one encounter.

Kalika Moquin Seemed Like The Real Deal

Kalika is the mistress Tiger Woods once told he would leave his wife for in a flash. They met at a nightclub in Las Vegas where Kalika worked. A friend of Kalika actually reported what they had was the real deal. She was every bit as much in love with him as he was with her, and this was going on while he was married to Elin. Of course, she was being offered money to talk and she promised not to betray their love. That’s just another fail in the ever evolving story.