There is a social media fail every day. I can say that with 100% confidence because just about everyone is on and we’re all making contributions on a daily basis. So, there has to be at least one major faux pas. In fact, I’m thinking I can compile a list of them and call it the Daily Social Media Fail.

The thing is I’m not talking about a social media fail like when one teenager said when she graduates high school, she would either like to visit Paris or she’d like to go to France. We’re not talking about the guy who was trying to act tough with his mom’s gun and it accidentally went off. No, we’re talking about a different kind of social media fail.

It’s the one where something huge is going down and everyone has out their cellphones recording. That’s not really bad, not until the huge event that is going down is something life threatening. Instead of calling 911 when a house is burning down, this girl starts recording and gets herself caught in it.

Could Have Called 911

slapping head

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One phone and one brain, what do you use them for? Hopefully, it’s to call for a firetruck when your house is burning down. This girl starts recording like she’s going to become Youtube Famous.

Social Media Crazy


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But, everyone wants their 15 Minutes of fame. A house on fire is worth at least a million views right? Don’t worry about getting out of the house or anything. Youtube Fame is what makes the world spin.

It’s What Makes Sense


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Well, it makes sense by today’s standards. Can you imagine facing your friends and telling them you watched a house burn down? If you don’t have the footage, you are a Loser with the Big L. That’s what they put on your forehead if you don’t put Youtube before your own safety.

Big Time Social Media Fail