Faunce Had Tracked Him Down

When Faunce finally met the man, he had many questions for him. Robertson had quite a few stories to tell. He had fallen in love with the nurse who aided him in prison. She helped smuggle him out.

What Did He Do All Those Years?

Robertson married that nurse and he had been working the farm all those years. He had enlisted from his home in Alabama and served as a Green Beret in the Army. Brought on to a task force by the CIA, it appeared he had a bright future in the military, CIA…or whatever he could reach. But, he was happy marrying a Vietnamese nurse and farming the land in Laos.

There Were Bigger Things In Store

Emmy Award-winning director Michael Jorgensen heard about the story. He started getting some ideas. That’s when he put a plan into action and decided he was going to change Robertson’s life forever.

What Did Jorgensen Have In Mind?

First, Jorgensen sent Hugh Tranh to Vietnam. He wanted to reunite Robertson with his family. He had two children that he had left behind. But Robertson was so embedded in his new life, he now spoke Vietnamese and he had totally forgotten about his own children besides the many other family members who loved him and were excited that he was still alive.

A Movie In The Making

Jorgensen thought this was the making of a great documentary. So, he started putting things into action. But of course, any true documentary has to do its due diligence. This is where the story gets real good.