September 15, 2016

The Weirdest World Championships You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Mobile Phone Throwing

Cellphone Throwing

Participants compete in Finland to see who is the best at throwing their cellphones. The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships have several different categories. One is to compete for the athlete who can throw it the farthest. Then, there is a competition who can do it with better style. There is also a child category. There are plenty of parents who would do awesome in these games.

Sauna World Championships


This one is no longer active. One participant died and we almost lost another one in the very last tournament. It was basically about who could endure the Sauna the longest. Participants would compete in four different rounds. Those who lasted the longest in each round moved up to the final.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

rock paper scissors

Wouldn’t it be great to take some skills you learned as a kid and compete in a World Championship. The Rock Paper Scissors Society hosts the biggest tournament. But, there are others including the RPS Tournament held in conjunction with the annual World Series of Poker tournament. The winner gets a free entrance into the poker tournament.

Bed Racing

bed racing

Yes, there is a Bed Racing World Championship. Events take place in the U.S., Germany, and New Zealand. But, the most famous one of them all takes place in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

Bathtub Boating

bathtub boating

This World Championship was conceived in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Basically, participants have to use a bathtub in their boat design. It’s a pretty standard design with an aqua-dynamic board, bathtub, and engine.

Hide And Seek

hide and seek

Another game you can use your childhood skills in, Hide and Seek World Championships are a bunch of guys running around in the woods hiding from each other. They are into it too. They have gear and everything that makes them the professionals of the Hide and Seek sport. Not sure if they are going for Olympic status or not.

Toe Wrestling

toe wrestling

Wasn’t even sure a sport like this existed. But, it appears to be popular enough to have a World Championship. You put your foot flat against your competitors and then link big toes. You battle until one of you goes into submission. Maybe having a nasty, fungus infested foot would be a quick way to win the battle.

Sumo Suit Athletics

sumo suit athletics

This is not the game you play where you don the suit and have fun acting like a Sumo Wrestler while you get knocked around. The games actually include races, jumps, shot put, and a long endurance run. It might actually be pretty interesting to watch.

Stone Skipping

stone skipping

How many times can you make a stone skip? If you’re good at it, you have a chance. The World Stone Skimming Championships that take place in Easdale, Scotland focus on distance. But, the North America Stone Skipping Association only cares about how many times it skips across the water.

Snuff Snorting

snuff snorting

Who came up with this one? But, they do it. It’s about who can get 5 grams snorted up their nostril within a minute. Good stuff!

Swamp Football

swamp football

This game was created to keep athletes and soldiers in shape. It is very physically demanding. But as with all things, that means it was only a matter of time before it became an official sport. Now, there’s a World Championship where athletes play football in the mud.

Air Sex

air sex

This would kind of be hot. Participants get on stage in front of everyone and simulate an entire sex scene in two minutes. You got to love that. The judges are looking for the best foreplay, the best intercourse, and the most sexual energy. They’re all winners!

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