No parent needs told parenting is tough. Kids need direction all the time. The best a parent can hope for is that one day they will learn to think for themselves.

Until that day, kids need to be told what’s safe and what’s not. But, that comes with questions. Kids know how to come up with many, many questions. The thing is that parents don’t know everything and sometimes their answers just simply aren’t good enough.

That’s when it gets bad. Parents sometimes have to lie. It’s a sad fact, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep our kids alive. The thing is that some lies are innocent and some are absolutely hilarious. You will roll when you hear what some parents told their kids.

Reset Button On The Power Outlet

reset button on the power outlet

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This parent must not want the reset button messed with when he told his kid, “It will make the house explode!”

Who Rumble Strips Are For

who rumble strips are for

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A dad just kidding around, “The noise they make? That’s for blind drivers so they can tell they’re still on the road.”

What Are Coconuts?

what are coconuts

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Another joking dad, “They’re eggs from a bear.”

While You’re At Preschool

while you're at preschool

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This kid was too scared to let go of mommy, “I hang around outside all day. I don’t leave.”

How You Go To Disney

how you go to disney

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With Disney commercials on the TV all the time, “We can’t just go to Disney World. Mickey Mouse has to call to give us a personal invitation.”