It’s Not Fish

what it is

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For some reason, this kid must like fish more than chicken because that’s what his parent told him it was. Either that or the parent didn’t want to share her awesome meal with her son.

What Are Oil Stains On The Street

what are oil stains on the street

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These parents were a certain brand of mean, “See those spots on the road? That’s what it looks like when kids get run over because they won’t hold anyone’s hand.”

Eating The Skin

eating the skin

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These parents were tired of peeling, “It’s a law. All children ages 4 and up have to eat the skin. They passed it.”

How You Go To Chuck E. Cheese

how you go to chuck e cheese

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Kids driving their parents nuts about going to Chuck E. Cheese, “It’s only for people with birthdays and you have to get an invitation.”

Swallowing Chewing Gum

swallowing chewing gum

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No parent wants their kid doing that, “Your poop will bounce around in the toilet.”