September 2, 2016

These True Stories Inspired Your Favorite Horror Movies

The Exorcist

the exorcist

The actual story was about a boy. The exorcism did in fact cure him. But, who knows if his head spun around or if he spewed up a glorious stream of pea soup when he was possessed. It’s very possible. It could be that he as just suffering from a real bad headache.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

emily rose

Annelieze Michel was the actual girl who died during her exorcism in 1976. She was starved and dehydrated. On top of that, doctors believe she wasn’t possessed at all. But, suffered from schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. The parents and the priests were all charged with manslaughter and found guilty.

The Blob

the blob

Sometimes, writers have great imaginations. In 1950, an article in the New York Times reported that a gelatin type object crashed into a farmer’s field. It was just outside Philadelphia, but it evaporated within a half an hour unlike the movie where it goes on to terrorize the earth.

The Mothman Prophecies

mothman prophecies

When Parapsychologist John Keel published his book in 1975, it freaked a few people out. Enough so that producers knew it would make a great movie. In the movie, his character’s name is Alexander Leek and the movie stands as a fictionalized account of things that actually happened according to what he says.

The Amityville Horror


When the book first came out, it was put on the true crime shelves because it was believed to be accurate. The Lutz family were actually haunted in their own home. The Amityville house became famous because of Hollywood, which took a few liberties in the story. But, it’s mostly true.

The Conjuring

the conjuring

Ed and Lorraine Warren are two real life paranormal investigators who actually investigated this case back in the 70s. The movie gets close to the actual events. But of course, there’s a Hollywood swing on things.



Ed Gein inspired the Norman Bates character. The thing about Psycho is, not everything is exactly true. Although dressing up like his mother, that’s something Ed liked to do.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

texas chainsaw

The saga of Ed Gein continues in Texas. But of course, this movie takes certain liberties too. Although, Ed very well could have been a cannibal. He definitely liked to take skin from his victims and make them into masks.



This is more work of the imagination of a filmmaker. A Thai website was offering people a chance to enter a room and shoot a random stranger. That was the inspiration for this movie that took it a step further and has rich people paying to kill innocent people in a torture den.

The Hills Have Eyes

the hills have eyes

In Scotland a few centuries ago, Sawney Bean and his wife lived in a cave with their growing family. It started out as 14 kids. To feed the family, they would eat anyone who crossed the cave or came on what they called their property. They were eventually found and taken to trial. By then, the family had grown to 48 members. They had kept it in the family and were making babies all over that cave.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

nightmare on elm street

In 1983, the LA Times reported a phenomenon. Southeast Asian men were dying from unknown causes while they slept. One man actually talked about having strange nightmares and he could be heard thrashing around in his sleep while he screamed.

Child’s Play

child play

In a creepy story that should have been told as is, in 1903 a 3 year old boy was given a doll by a servant. His parents often heard him talking to the doll and they could hear another voice in the boy’s room. The boy also blamed the doll when his parents would find his room ransacked. The thing is that as the boy grew up and aged well into his adulthood, he kept the doll by his side. Might be a little Ted inspiration from this story too!

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