What would you do if you were walking down a back alley and all of a sudden, you find a nice box of cash? Some people would take the money and run. Other people would think more about who it actually belonged to in the first place.

Yes, there are actually people who will return money. They take it to the police who spend it on booze after work. Just kidding, they try to contact the owner and they have their ways of tracking people down. You know, serial numbers and all.

But, this box of cash is not what it seems. When you take a closer look, you find something that surprises you. In fact, it’s quite shocking. And when I say shocking, I mean it.

Big Box Of Cash

box of cash

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It would be an amazing find. Imagine running into this box of cash one day while you’re minding your own business. It would be hard to ignore.

Big Cash

big cash

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Look at those denominations. There are 50s and 100s in there stack after stack. How much money is in this box?

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