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December 9, 2016

This Haunted House Is Hilarious When Kevin Hart Goes Through It

When you go through a haunted house, you want Kevin Hart by your side. He’ll make you laugh while you’re being scared out of your mind. But also, you won’t feel alone that you just screamed at the top of your lungs because something touched your leg. He’ll be screaming too!

The thing about haunted houses is that they are so much more elaborate than they used to be. Some of them make you sign a waiver to go through them. They are that scary. Once you sign that waiver, they have a right to grab you and throw you in a dungeon. They can put spiders on your face and pour blood over your head.

Ah, it’s a great day to be scared to death!

But, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart are onto something awesome. Everyone should do what they’re doing. Strap a GoPro around your neck and keep it running while you go through the Haunted House. That will give you hours of entertainment long after the visit to the Haunted House is over.

You’ll get to watch yourself over and over while you cry, scream, and run through a place that isn’t even real. Okay, it’s real. But, you have no reason to fear for your life.

Screams From A GoPro

It’s very easy to forget that it’s just for amusement. It is not real. That is not a real knife nor is he coming at you with a real chainsaw. Better not trip though, just in case.

Death Is Everywhere You Go

You can’t trust a corner, a hallway, a door, a window, or even a wall. Just get ready to get jumped out at and you’ll be alright. Maybe you’ll make it through the Haunted House without screaming like a little…well, like Kevin Hart!

Kevin Heart At His Best

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