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December 9, 2016

This No Touch KO Karate Master Gets Debunked

Karate isn’t just something you pick up overnight. You can’t simply become a karate master by watching movies. Although, there are people in this world who think it’s that easy.

They look at themselves in the mirror and they study real hard. They put on that bad face and they get it down. Then, they go into their basement where no one can see them and they act out all the scenes they just watched in the Saturday morning Kung Fu marathon.

But, karate is serious. Becoming a karate master takes discipline. It’s not just studying karate. It’s studying the art of it. They study how to teach it. It’s a higher level of training to be able to take what you’ve learned and give it to others.

Many try. But, only a few have actually achieved it. George Dillman has actually achieved that level. He is in the Hall of Fame of Black Belt magazine. That means something. But, he went a little too far himself.

He thought he had developed a No Touch Knockout. He even bragged about doing it to unsuspecting people who had no idea what Chi is and didn’t even know he was there. You have to listen to that story. But first, get to know him.

With Bruce Lee

Of course, he’s for real. Here’s a picture of him with the infamous Bruce Lee. Doesn’t that say it all? Of course, anyone could get a picture with Bruce Lee if they were at one of his demonstrations. But, George Dillman brags about teaching Bruce Lee. Hmm…

Everyone Wants To Be Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has legitimate fame. He actually trained with Bruce Lee and was in some of his movies. I could tell you all the stories about him. But, the most impressive was when he jumped and kicked a sign seven times before he hit the ground. The online memes are funny. But, Chuck Norris is the real deal and George is trying to capture that kind of fame.

Let’s See How He Did

He sure has excuses doesn’t he? A good excuse would have been that it’s a mind game. The young grasshopper was outsmarted by the smart guy who challenged him. But, that’s none of my business.

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